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BCIC JAPAN Engages with SMRJ to promote India-Japan Trade and Commerce

In an effort to attract Japanese companies to invest in Karnataka, Bangalore Chamber of Industries and Commerce (BCIC) in Association with The Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) organized a roadshow for the Department of Commerce and Industries, Government of Karnataka at the Indian Embassy, Tokyo Japan. The government delegation was led by Shri M B Patil, Minister for Commerce & Industries and Infrastructure, Dr. S Selvakumar, IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of Commerce & Industries, Commissioner Smt. Gunjan Krishna IAS, Department of Commerce & Industries and Mr. H N Ravindra, Deputy Director, Invest Karnataka Forum.
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 27-06-2024 | Views: 114
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At the Investment Roadshow,  led by Honourable Industry Minister Mr. M B Patil, Government of Karnataka with BCIC as a Supporting Partner for the event, BCIC JAPAN announced that it has commenced concrete steps to promote trade and commerce by engaging with The Organisation for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation JAPAN (SMRJ), a Govt of Japan agency, enabling expansion of markets, collaborations and match making, opening doors for a large pool of Indian and Japanese MSME enterprises, start-ups, family run businesses in both the countries.

"We are in the process of scrutinising applications from over 40 Indian companies in various sectors to come to Japan and meet with Japanese SMEs through the collaboration with SMRJ. We are also working on business delegate visits from Japan to Karnataka and vice versa. We are confident that Karnataka's developed Japanese Industrial Township, good presence of Japanese companies in Bengaluru and the availability of skilled workforce in the technology, digital and innovation sector will be attractive to Japanese investors" said Dr. K G Suresh, Country Head – BCIC JAPAN.

Dr. Suresh also stated that BCIC JAPAN is in touch with the various Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Ishikawa, Gifu and Fukuoka Prefectures in Japan to spread the message on investment and trade opportunities and has held several seminars and webinars. "BCIC JAPAN has been effectively taking steps to promote investments, trade and commerce, people to people connect and cultural exchanges between India and Japan. It is also raising awareness on investment opportunities for Japanese companies in the Japanese Industrial Zone at Tumakuru in its endeavours, as part of China plus One policy." he added.

BCIC JAPAN has a team of people with business experience in India and Japan. It has the support of the Indian Embassy, Japanese Consulate, JETRO and its partnering stakeholders. BCIC has laid 'Beyond Bengaluru' as its Vision with the theme 'Namma Karnataka – Gateway to Future India', focussing on 'Make in India with Japan, for the Globe'. BCIC is the first industry body from India to set up an office in Tokyo, Japan, through the partnering and coming together of key stakeholders JETRO, Toyota Tsusho India Pvt. Ltd, Inter Trade KK and India Research Institute Pvt. Ltd.

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