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51st Kannada Habba “GHARJANE 2024” Celebration at RVCE

The most awaited event of Kannada Sangha is “Kannada Habba” conducted every year is a cultural festival celebrating the rich heritage and traditions of Karnataka. Organization completed it’s Golden Jubilee last year successfully and this year celebrated Kannada Habba named “Gharjane-2024” on June 20,2024
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 21-06-2024 | Views: 383
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Kannada Sangha of R V College of Engineering having a background of about five decades aimed to spread the culture of Karnataka. It serves as a platform for students to engage with and celebrate their cultural roots, ensuring that the language and customs are kept alive and vibrant within the campus community. Celebration of Kannada is not limited for the November month in the campus. Hence, Kannada Sangha organizes different events which includes competitions like Essay writing, Debates, Quiz and many more activities for students as well as for teachers to celebrate Kannada every single moment.

Program started with the welcome speech by Faculty Coordinator of Kannada Sangha Dr.VikramN Bahadurdesai, President of RSST Dr M P Shyam presided over the program. Padmashree Awardee ManjammaJogathi and Social worker Smt. Pooja were the Chief guests of the program. ManjammaJogathi addressed the problems faced by transgender community. The key takeaway of her speech is that education and equality for the transgender community is the most required thing in the society. Principle Dr K N Subramanya emphasized the importance of preserving and promoting Kannada Language and Culture. He highlighted the significance of Kannada Habba as an opportunity for students to connect with their roots and appreciate this diversity of culture.Vice Principal Dr K S Geetha expressed the significance of Kannada Habba in fostering a deep appreciation for Karnataka’s cultural legacy among students.Program concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Kannada Sangha’s Faculty Coordinator Dr Rajalakshmi Mudbidre.

Musical show was given by Aalap team and cultural dance was performed by Footprints team of college. Standup Comedy show of Ganagavathi Narasimha Joshi was organized.The main Highlight of the event was Musical Night of two great singers, Anuradha Bhat and Shree Harsha.

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