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Homeopathy Can Help Cancer Patients Live Longer, Says Doctor

During the launch of Dr. Kalyan Banerjee's Clinic in Bengaluru, Dr. Kushal Banerjee, Senior Homeopath at the facility, shed light on the multifaceted benefits of homeopathy, particularly in treating life-threatening diseases such as kidney failure and cancer. He highlighted how the survival periods of patients facing such conditions are often extended through homeopathic treatments. The new clinic was inaugurated today by its founder, Dr. Kalyan Banerjee, a Padma Shri recipient
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 29-11-2023 | Views: 794
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Left to Right :  Dr. Kalyan Banerjee, Founder and Dr. Kushal Banerjee, Senior Homeopath, Dr. Kalyan       Banerjee’s Clinic

Homeopathy, rooted in the principle of "likes cure likes," employs medicinal substances that induce symptoms in a healthy person to cure similar symptoms in the sick. Medicines are meticulously diluted to retain therapeutic effects while eliminating potential harm. Emphasizing holistic patient care, homeopathy addresses the root cause, ensuring lasting recovery over temporary relief. Suitable for diverse conditions, from common ailments like flu-induced coughs to severe cases like multi-organ failure in COVID-19. Widely sought for skin issues, allergies, immune-related disorders, and even cancer management in early and advanced stages, homeopathy offers a comprehensive approach to healing.

Dr. Kushal Banerjee said, “Cancer is not a single disease entity, and its rates of cure, improvement or survival varies greatly with the type, stage and patient.  However, we find that homeopathic treatment is often meeting the survival rates of several kinds of cancers. At our practices, in cases of advanced cancers, we are frequently able to elongate the survival periods estimated by the oncologists while improving quality of life. In early stages of some cancers, patients are able to avoid all other kinds of treatment entirely. Elderly patients who are unfit for chemotherapy are exclusively on our treatment. With over 100 cancer related prescriptions every day, the practice has substantial experience in managing these cases. Dr. Kalyan Banerjee started his practice in New Delhi in 1977 and since the first day of practice, all the doctors at the clinic have been providing free consultation services for the second half of the day. The clinic currently has 13 doctors who cater to nearly 6,00,000 registered patients.Homeopathy is often taken as an add-on to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Not only does this help reducing side effects but it may also improve the efficacy of these forms of treatment.”

Homeopathy is a viable option for patients of all ages, genders, and co-morbidities. However, because of its gentle effectiveness, it is particularly advantageous to consider homeopathy in very young patients and in the elderly. Patients with weakened organs like those with chronic kidney disease or chronic liver disease can safely use homeopathy without fear of adverse effects. Dr. Kalyan Banerjee Clinic Protocols showcase a groundbreaking success, with over 50% of patients experiencing improved kidney function tests, often avoiding dialysis. Notably, the protocols enable patients to gradually discontinue thyroid hormone replacement therapy in hypothyroidism, achieving a medication-free life in many cases. This remarkable outcome, restoring normal thyroid gland functioning, is a significant breakthrough for a condition deemed incurable by conventional medicine.

“The surging popularity of homeopathy, recognized by the W.H.O. as the second most popular global medical system, has prompted the integration of homeopathic remedies into conventional medicine practices across countries like Germany, France, and Switzerland. Driven by increasing awareness of potential side effects in conventional treatments, patients, including those from Bengaluru, have sought homeopathic care. We have responded to the rising demand by periodically flying down to Bengaluru to treat patients. Now, due to overwhelming numbers, a permanent clinic in Bengaluruhas been established, addressing complex and life-threatening conditions, including cancers and multi-organ failures, showcasing homeopathy's expanding influence in healthcare,” added Dr. Kushal Banerjee.

Homeopathy continues to be backed by a steady flow of peer-reviewed research and advancements in the basic sciences that validates its principles. A recent study by the Central Council for Research on Homeopathy, showcases the efficacy of homeopathic interventions, even in severe Covid-19 cases. Beyond research, the acceptance of homeopathy is evident in the cross-referrals from practitioners of various medical systems. India's policy considerations, such as bridge courses for homeopaths and their inclusion in government health services, underscore the acknowledgment of homeopathy's role alongside allopathy. Homeopathy continues to shine as a leading and evolving healthcare approach.


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