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Development Dialogue on Future of Academia under the aegis of Amrit Kaal Vimarsh

Vikasit Bharat @ 2047-Programme Initiative at AMC Engineering College, Bengaluru *** AMC Institutions organised a Development Dialogue on Future of Academia under the aegis ofAmrit KaalVimarsh - Vikasit Bharat @2047 in its Bannerghatta Road Campus, Bangalore on 25th October, 2023.The Programme which was attended by more than 1500 students was held aligning with the initiative of Ministry of Education, Government of India and AICTE. Mr. Sharath Chandra, Global Head - L&D Infosys BPM was the Guest Speaker on the occasion.
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 27-10-2023 | Views: 624
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Mr, Rahul Kalluri, Executive Vice President, AMC Institutions in his opening remarks expressed in the next phase of twenty five years, the growth of our country would be much more exciting and could be termed as a golden era for the Indian Economy on all fronts.  In order to achieve the ambitious goal set by the Government, there was an ardent need to bridge the gap  between the Academia and the  Industry at large as this was one of the major factor hindering the growth.  He stated that the initiative of the Ministry of Education and the AICTE on the Theme ”Vikasit Bharat @2047”  was well thought-out, at the most opportune ‘Amrit Kaal’.  

In his Key Note Address Mr Sharath Chandra expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Education and AICTE for the initiative of holding Academia-Industry Dialogue through the Amrit KalVimarshVikasit Bharat @ 2047. Mr. Sharath Chandra also complemented AMC Institutions for building one of the best campuses in India. He stated that the current initiative, the brain child of the Prime Minister , was to connect the Academia with the Industry in order to be mission ready to face the upcoming challenges in the next 25 years to make India, emerge as the most leading economy in the world.Towardsthis direction, he complemented the Ministry of Education and the AICTE in taking up earnest initiative of hosting Dialogue between the Academia and the Industry through Amrit Kaal Vimarsh.  

As such, he stated that the future of learning would face tremendous disruptions in the field of education. He pronounced that the industry would henceforth attach more importance to skill development and ‘industry readyness’ rather than acquiring qualifications. He advised the academia to focus on Skill – based learning over formal education, advent of virtual learning should be accepted as a panacea for skill enhancements and usage of  Hyper Personalised Learning Process including wider usages of Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) using AI and ML to personalise teaching as well as Gamification to make learning more immersive.

Mr. Sharath Chandra  advised  the students to be adept with functional and communication skills along with logical reasoning and analytical thinking, personal grooming and personality development to get into industry. He further advised them to take up extracurricular activities along with academics to derive maximum benefits out of the emerging opportunities. The attitude should change from “Can do” to “Will Do”.

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