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A Milestone in the Making: EYVA records 1 Million Scans with a Revolutionary Non-invasive Approach

EYVA, a pioneer in wellness technology, proudly announces a remarkable achievement in its journey towards transforming the wellness landscape. The world's 1st wellness gadget, EYVA, has crossed a significant milestone by conducting over 1 million non-invasive scans, including groundbreaking non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. This achievement reaffirms EYVA's commitment to revolutionizing wellness behaviour and empowering individuals to prioritize self-care, all from the comfort of their homes
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 21-09-2023 | Views: 530
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Team EYVA wants you to imagine a world where checking your health is as simple as texting on WhatsApp and tracking your vitals feels as effortless as scrolling through Facebook memories. EYVA turns this into reality by measuring six vital health indicators in just 60 seconds with a touch.

EYVA is a groundbreaking wellness companion that measures 6 vital health parameters in just 60 seconds, all without the need for pricks or pain. This includes the revolutionary non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, a critical feature in a country like India, where a recent Lancet study revealed a staggering 101 million people struggling with diabetes. With EYVA, individuals and families can now effortlessly manage their blood sugar levels and keep a close watch on other vital health metrics.

Founder and CEO of EYVA, Sunil Maddikatla, wanted to offer a gadget that makes wellness decisions easier and free from fear. Accessibility lies at the heart of the gadget. From senior citizens being able to monitor their homes in a less intrusive way, to people achieving their wellness goals faster by continuous tracking of insights – EYVA has been a wellness companion to several users. Although the technical breakthrough was exceedingly important to Sunil, he was of the opinion design matters just as much. Sunil states, “ The hardware, the enclosure, the packaging — all played a crucial role in creating a product that would be visually appealing and user-friendly.” Sunil reiterates that EYVA’s success hinges on not only cutting-edge technology but also thoughtful design and accessibility.

Launched in 2022, EYVA is the flagship product of BlueSemi, a pioneering health tech company with its roots in T-Hub, Telangana, India. The gadget offers comprehensive insights into blood glucose, blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, oxygen levels, and HBA1C, all through a simple touch of the thumbs, with results conveniently accessible through the EYVA app.

What sets EYVA apart is its capacity to cater not only to individuals but to entire families, with the ability to track health metrics for up to four people. Since its inception, EYVA has garnered immense success, completing over 660,000 scans and amassing a loyal customer base across 26 out of 28 states in India.

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