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'SPECIALIST HOSPITAL' Rebrands as 'TRILIFE HOSPITAL' for a Healthier Tomorrow

To invest Rs 1500 crores in setting up 5 new hospitals in Bengaluru and Tier II cities in Karnataka providing employment to around 10,000 healthcare professionals
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 04-09-2023 | Views: 516
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Leading healthcare services provider, 'Specialist Hospital', Bengaluru will now be known as 'Trilife Hospital'. The rebranding exercise was undertaken by the hospital after completing a decade of providing high quality health care facilities and services to the people. The hospital has introduced its new brand positioning, 'Responsible Wellbeing' which reflects its commitment to being a true partner in health for their patients and communities. Under the Trilife banner, the hospital will continue to provide a full range of healthcare services, while striving to redefine the standards of patient care and medical innovation. Trilife Hospital will therefore remain the same dedicated entity, providing exceptional care, amenities, and services by the same group of expert healthcare professionals, with focus on elevating the quality of healthcare services to greater heights. The new branding was unveiled by Shri. 'Kichcha' Sudeep, renowned Indian Actor and Producer, and several other dignitaries including Shri. P C Mohan, Member of Parliament, Shri G T Devegowda, Member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly, Shri. S T Somashekar, Member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly and co-founders of the hospital, Shri. Ramachandra Gowda, Dr. Prashanth R and Dr. Shafiq A M. The management also plans to invest Rs 1500 crores in setting up 5 new hospitals in Bengaluru and Tier II cities, which will provide employment to around 10,000 healthcare professionals in the next 3 to 5 years. Shri G T Devegowda launched the new website of Trilife Hospital.

Speaking on the new branding, Dr. Shafiq AM, Co-Founder and CEO, Trilife Hospital said, "The decision to rebrand was driven by our desire to create stronger connections with our valued stakeholders, community, and the world at large. We want to be recognized as 'specialists' through our actions and not just words. Over the past decade, we have served our community with utmost responsibility, prioritizing their well-being. This commitment is encapsulated in our new motto, 'responsible wellbeing,' which embodies honesty, compassion, fairness, accountability, and courage. Our primary goal behind this rebranding is to make world-class healthcare accessible to the public at affordable prices."

Trilife Hospital is currently a 200 bedded hospital, employing over 800 healthcare professionals offering a range of primary and tertiary healthcare services. As Trilife Hospital, a key focus area will be preventive maintenance, with emphasis on the importance of proactive healthcare management.

Addressing the gathering, Shri. 'Kichcha' Sudeep said, "It is wonderful to see a dream and a passion for quality healthcare develop into a reality. Good healthcare is a crucial part of societal wellbeing, and it is important for someone walking into a hospital premises to feel safe. Trilife Hospital has made this possible through quality healthcare and their vision to redefine the standards of medical care and innovation. I wish the entire 'Trilife Family' all the very best."

"Under the Trilife brand, we will be introducing robotic services for advanced neurorehabilitation. Additionally, we will soon unveil a sprawling 50,000 square foot outpatient department. Looking ahead, we plan to expand our presence across multiple locations in Bengaluru and Tier II cities over the next 3 to 5 years. This expansion effort will include the establishment of 5 new hospitals, with an investment of approximately Rs 1500 crores. Our growth will also create employment opportunities for around 10,000 healthcare professionals, encouraging them to remain in our country." Dr. Shafiq added.

"We take immense pride in our dedicated staff, with around 30% of them having completed 10 years of service and 50 to 60% remaining with us for 5 to 7 years. Our hospital's success stories include staff members who have risen from therapists to Chief Administrators and nurses who have advanced to Clinical Directors. We even have instances where family members, such as fathers and daughters, have joined our healthcare family, showcasing our enduring commitment to our staff and their professional growth. We are confident of the same level of dedication from our staff under the new brand as well. " Dr. Shafiq said.

The rebranding exercise was undertaken by Brandvak Incorporation, a leading end to end Bengaluru based service provider for developing go-to-market strategies, concept development, design development and strategy implementation.

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