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13th Graduation Day of RV College of Engineering in Bengaluru

On August 19, 2023, RV College of Engineering joyously commemorated its 13th Graduation Day at Poornima Palace, situated in close proximity to the college campus. The event commenced with an inspiring inaugural address by Sri. Rajeev Chandrabanu, the esteemed founder of MAGENTIC. Subsequently, the Graduation Day address was delivered by Dr. R Divakar, Director of MMG and MSG at IGCAR, Kalpakkam
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 19-08-2023 | Views: 750
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The event was graced by the presence of Dr. M.P. Shyam, who holds the positions of Chairman-Governing Body and President at RSST. Joining him were Sri. N.R. Panditharadhya and Sri. C. Vinod Hayagriv, both Vice Presidents of RSST, along with Dr. AVS Murthy, the Honorary Secretary of RSST. Also in attendance were Sri. D.P. Nagaraj, Honorary Joint Secretary of RSST, Dr. K.N. Subramanya, the Principal of RVCE, and Dr. K.S. Geetha, Vice Principal of RVCE. The occasion saw active participation from members of the Governing Body and Academic Council as well.

Speaking to the students, Sri. Rajeev Chitrabhanu emphasized that a strong foundation in professional learning will equip them for demanding careers. He expressed the belief that each graduate possesses the capability to enact positive changes in society. He also underlined the pivotal role that engineers will play in the nation's development, armed with advanced technological skills that will leave a lasting impact on the community and society for years to come.

During his Graduation Day address, Dr. R Divakar discussed the significance of both skills and domain knowledge in students' careers, highlighting their interplay. He stressed domain knowledge's importance and urged students to master skills for innovative product development. Emphasizing professionalism, he advised hard work, positive attitude, and integrity for career advancement. Concluding, he noted that combining attitude, health, academics, skills, and humility leads to a successful and fulfilling career journey.
A total of 12 Gold Medals and 12 Silver Medals were conferred upon B.E. graduates during the 13th Graduation Day, along with two awards for the best outgoing students. The event celebrated the awarding of Degree Certificates to a total of 1102 undergraduate students

The guests were welcomed by Principal Dr. K.N. Subramanya, while the vote of thanks was presented by Dr. K.S. Geetha, Vice Principal of RVCE.

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