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Two-day Re Commerce Expo Commence at Bengaluru Palace Grounds

"Awareness to be created among people for scientific disposal of solid waste" - Eshwar Khandre
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 09-08-2023 | Views: 662
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Forest and Environment Minister Eshwar Khandre said that the government intends to create awareness among people about scientific disposal of solid waste.

"We have Extended Producer Responsibility Act that speaks about people's duties and responsibilities towards scientific disposal of solid waste. We will hold sessions to create mass awareness," Eshwar Khandre added.

Khandre spoke after inaugurating the two-day "Re-Commerce" Expo on the draft to be prepared in Maintenance and Recycling of solid waste at Bengaluru Palace Grounds.

*Medical Education minister Dr Sharan Prakash Patil, Small Industries minister Sharana Basappa Darshanapur were present in the occasion. *

According to Khandre, it is the responsibility of the industries to resort to scientific disposal of solid waste without harming the environment.

"The biggest threat in the world today is pollution, be it water, air or environment. This has led to the climate change and increase in the temperature. The need of the hour is to strengthen the law for which draft should be prepared. This two-day Expo need to discuss this important aspect," Khandre explained and added, "We need to involve and discuss with the captains of the industries on this issue"

Lauding the organizers of Expo 2023 on vital subject, Khandre said the ban on single-use has had a positive impact and now there is a need to concentrate on the scientific disposal of solid waste.

"There is nothing in this nature that is useless. What is needed is judicious and appropriate use of natural resources without damaging the ecology and environment," Khandre added.

He also said that it has been decided to plant 5 crores saplings in order to increase the forest cover.

Venkat Reddy Patil, Chief Organizer of Re-Commerce Expo and Founder of Urdhva Management Company emphasized the need for recycle of solid waste was imperative in the field of industries.

"It is high time that we need to sit up and take note of environmental protection. Towards that end, we will have extensive discussions with the experts in the field and industries very shortly," Venkat Reddy Patil explained.

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