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Neelkanth Gold & Diamonds Opens Third Store in Bengaluru, Showcasing Exquisite Jewellery Collections

~ Dhanya Ramkumar graces the occasion and announces the inaugural offers ~
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 13-06-2023 | Views: 765
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Neelkanth Gold & Diamonds, a distinguished homegrown jewellery brand, is delighted to announce the inauguration of its third store in Bengaluru, located at HRBR Layout. This remarkable milestone for Neelkanth unveils one of their largest stores, featuring an extensive collection of unique and premium jewellery. The grand opening was graced by Mr. Narinder Singh, Chairman of Neelkanth Gold & Diamonds Private Limited, and renowned Kannada film actor Ms. Dhanya Ramkumar, who attended as the chief guest.

The event witnessed the presence of Mr. Gurmukh Singh, CEO of Neelkanth Gold & Diamonds Private Limited, who expressed his enthusiasm about the launch. "Today, we celebrate more than just the opening of a new store; we strengthen our familial bonds," stated Mr. Gurmukh Singh. "At Neelkanth, our customers are an extension of our family, and we deeply value the close relationships we have cultivated with them over the years. Stepping into Neelkanth means becoming a part of our family, and we are immensely grateful for the support of our patrons spanning four generations."

Neelkanth Gold & Diamonds currently operates stores at Richmond Road and HSR Layout, and the HRBR Layout location is strategically designed to cater to our customers with their every jewellery shopping needs, from Everyday wear to bridal, Temple jewellery to Boutique Collections, Neelkanth has vast collections of products to enthral everyone. The store boasts spacious and luxurious interiors, showcasing an exquisite range of fine jewellery and statement pieces for special occasions.

Adding to the magnificence of the event, the esteemed actress, Ms.Dhanya Ramkumar, graced the occasion as the chief guest. She expressed excitement and joy, emphasizing that Neelkanth has been her family's jeweller for generations.  For generations, our family has turned to Neelkanth for our cherished jewellery pieces," Ms. Dhanya stated. "The brand's unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and personalized service has made them our go-to destination for all our jewellery needs. Neelkanth has become an integral part of our family's  jewellery destination, and their exquisite designs hold cherished memories for us."

This store launch is a pivotal part of Neelkanth's expansion plan, which aims to establish a strong presence in key areas across Bengaluru. The brand's vision is to make premium jewellery accessible to customers through a network of physical stores that prioritizes exceptional customer experiences and satisfaction.

Neelkanth Gold & Diamonds extends a warm invitation to jewellery enthusiasts to visit their new store at HRBR Layout, Bengaluru, and get the best out of limited-time inaugural offers like 50% off on making charges and 100% exchange rate for old gold and explore the opulent collections that epitomize elegance and luxury.

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