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VDP & Industrial Expo @ KASSIA

The Vendor Development Programme & Industrial Exhibition organised by KASSIA on Oct 21-22 at KASSIA Udyog Bhavan, in association with MSME Development & Facilitation Office, Bengaluru, garnered good participation from micro & small scale industries as Stalls were provided to them free of cost
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 21-10-2022 | Views: 613
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C. Sathyabhama, IAS, Director, MSMEDI, Department of Industries & Commerce, GoK in her inaugural address, said the initiative by KASSIA was most timely and relevant in the present juncture when the micro and small scale industries were poised to come out of the Covid environment. She also hailed the decision by KASSIA to offer Stalls free of cost to MSES considering their present plight when they were facing various challenges. The State Government has taken many initiatives to encourage MSMEs and asked KASSIA to spread awareness among the MSME fraternity about the various schemes of both the State as well as the Central Government.

G.R. Akadas, Director, MSME-DFO, said the need of the hour was to educate the small scale entrepreneurs about the various incentives and concessions available to them from the Government. The reality was that a majority of them were not updated with the information and this this was proving to be a major hindrance in their development.

Sri K.N. Narasimha Murthy, President, KASSIA informed that KASSIA had decided to provide Stalls free of cost to MSMEs so as to encourage them to showcase their products/services and capabilities before PSUs/Government agencies, large scale enterprises, MNCs and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for their business development and market linkages.

Sri Srivatsan, GM, NSIC and Sri Suresh, Joint Director, DIC, Bengaluru Urban interacted with the participants.

Prospective entrepreneurs who wish to start an industry and students from engineering, arts & science colleges can also attended the Expo for a better understanding of a career option.

KASSIA also arranged B2B meetings for participants from various industrial sectors, and awards for the best Stalls would be announced during the Valedictory on Oct 22, KASSIA said.

The MSME Expo was supported by SBI, Canara Bank, Bank of Baroda and Union Bank, among others.

Office Bearers of KASSIA, representatives of MSME Development & Facilitation Office, Bengaluru, representatives of the Partner Organizations, Affiliate Associations of KASSIA, Past Presidents, MC Members and Members took part in the event.

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