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Mrs Rajaiswari Rao hoisting flag on the Eve of 75th Indian Independence Day and celebrated her 100th Birthday

On the occasion of 75th Indian Independence Day Mrs Rajaiswari Rao wife of Mr.B.V.Seshagiri Rao celebrated her 100 year birthday by hosting flag at Jayamahal Palace Hotel today. Her Birthday was hosted by her grandchildren and great grandchildern. Mrs. Rao has a legacy of six children, ten grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandson born just this year. Mrs Rao was also part of the freedom movement with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 15-08-2022 | Views: 1121
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One of her grandchildren said that “For me, she is not a day older than 65 when I have my deepest memories with her. We used to live in Delhi and those long train journeys to my mama’s house in Bengaluru were my fondest memories. As soon as we landed and took hot baths, we were treated to some of the tastiest food I have ever eaten, all made by Avva. Throughout the entire holidays, my cousins and I would be constantly hungry, and she used to serve hot breakfasts, delectable lunches, evening hot Tiffin, dinner, and tons of snacks to eat through the day”.

He further said that “Though she comes from a different generation, she was and is more progressive than most people I know. My aunts and uncles tell me of the times in the 1950s when the caste/ religion distinction was at its peak, and my grandparents would often invite their friends from different religions home for a meal with them. That is the example they set for their children and their grandchildren”.

Mrs Rajaiswari Rao studied only till 8th standard and didn’t have the opportunity in those days. If she had pursued her education, she would have been a pioneer in some incredible field of research. She taught herself to read Tamil (amidst raising 6 children) and would read classics like Alai Osai, Sivagamiyin Sabadham, Ponniyin Selvan, and Vengaiyin Maindhan. If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what else is.

Interestingly, even now, when in a family have so many debates about a woman giving up her career/ balancing work and home, she went one step ahead and took care of the entire house while she supported and encouraged her daughter-in-law to continue her education and pursue a career of her choice. Mrs Rajaiswari Rao loved watching National Geographic and Discovery channel.

“She lived at the height of opulence when they owned a minimum of two cars at any given time and a mind-boggling 22 cars in a span of 10 years to losing everything and moving to Andaman on government pay. But nothing changed her as a person. She didn’t turn bitter or sad but simply went through all adversities with amazing grace, fearlessness, and endurance. There is not one person in our family who she has not directly impacted by being there for them physically, emotionally, and unconditionally” says one of her grandson son

According to her grandchildren “She is a remarkable woman with a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness, laughter, and love. She doesn’t have any degrees or letters behind her name. But for us, she is a chef, a seamstress, a thoughtful crafter who up-cycles everything, a healer of all wounds, a steady rock in our lives. She is a sunflower and anyone who happens to be standing in her bright sunlight feels the warmth. She has seldom cast a shadow”

Link for Mrs Rajaiswari Rao life journey:

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