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World Brain Tumour Day celebrations at United Hospital, Jayanagar, Bengaluru

A 70-year-old citizen who underwent a critical neurosurgery was today felicitated by the team of doctors and neurosurgeons who conducted the surgery at a special function organised by United Hospital, Jayanagar on World Brain Tumour Day
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 07-06-2022 | Views: 135
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World Brain Tumour Day is observed on June 8 to raise awareness about the increased prevalence and incidence of  brain tumours, its treatment modalities and good recovery rates. It is also in solidarity with people living with brain tumours and their families globally. This theme for 2022 is “Together we are stronger.”

A state-of-the-art Brain Tumour surgical facility is established at United  Hospital in Jayanagar. High-end modular operation theatres that reduce surgical infections and increase efficiency are set up. Equipment made available includes  dedicated operating neuro microscope and operating table imported from abroad.

“Using these facilities,and his immense expertise , a skilled neurosurgeon at United Hospital, Jayanagar, saved the life of a 70-year-old patient recently  by undertaking  a very  complex surgery, a brain tumour excision. The very next day after the critical surgery, the patient walked on his own without any support”, Dr Vikram Siddareddy, general surgeon, and Chairman and Managing Director, United Hospital said.

He said, “Brain tumour  diagnosis  creates panic and fear among people who feel that life is over. However, there is no need to fear if you are getting treatment with the invention of new therapies. The 70-year-old patient had developed a deep-seated malignant tumour. It is a difficult surgery and even the smallest of errors  can be detrimental to a person’s life if they damage any adjacent brain area. Our team of skilled neurosurgery doctors managed to perform the 4-hour critical surgery to remove the tumour. That patient recovered well after surgery. He congratulated our team today and said he was very happy.”

Dr Shanthkumar Muruda, Executive Director of the hospital said "such events where patients congratulate their doctors are very rewarding and encouraging for us doctors."

He said in the case of the above patient the emergency nature of tumor required the surgery to be done on a Sunday. Our pathology services could organise intra-operative diagnosis ,that too on a holiday to facilitate the surgical plan.

He also explained about another patient who came to the physician with   symptoms and a recommendation for surgery from earlier evaluations. With a multidisciplinary approach he was diagnosed with an unusual type of brain tumour which responds to medical management. It was decided to withhold surgery as it was deemed to be not essential. Medical management was started and as of today patient is doing well.

Our hospital advises surgery only on inevitable occasions. In some cases, the tumour is effectively controlled by targeted non surgical therapy using  a multidisciplinary approach. The patient, who has not had such a surgery, is happy today, he said.

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