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ASCENT Foundation successfully concludes the virtual roadshow to boost peer entrepreneurial learning in Karnataka

Karnataka entrepreneurs currently represent 15% of the All-India ASCENT Foundation Chapter *** The event was addressed by Archanna Das, Head of ASCENT Foundation followed by entrepreneurial peer-learning experience sharing by growth ready entrepreneurs like Ramani Mani, Managing Director at Load Controls India Private Ltd. Rohit Patravali, Director, Esteem Integrated Logistics Private Ltd and Suresh GP, Managing Director & Principal Consultant at TaUB Solutions *** The event was aimed at sharing the business story, key challenges and anecdotes from Karnataka based entrepreneurs along with highlighting how peer learning can benefit Karnataka based entrepreneurs
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 09-03-2022 | Views: 292
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ASCENT Foundation, a not-for-profit, peer-to-peer learning platform founded by Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico Ltd successfully concluded the virtual roadshow in the Karnataka market on Thursday. With the aim to boost entrepreneurial learning amongst Karnataka founders and business people, the media roadshow depicted stories of three Karnataka based entrepreneurs. ASCENT Foundation members from Karnataka namely, Ramani Mani, Managing Director at Load Controls India Private Ltd., Rohit Patravali, Director, Esteem Integrated Logistics Private Ltd and Suresh GP, Managing Director & Principal Consultant at TaUB Solutions shared their peer learning experience and its positive impact on their businesses.

ASCENT was launched in 2012 as a Mumbai chapter and onboarded entrepreneurs from Mumbai and the neighbouring cities. In 2018, the foundation extended the peer learning support to Tamil Nadu with the launch of the Chennai Chapter. In 2020, ASCENT has announced the launch of the All India Chapter and is now accepting applications from entrepreneurs from cities and towns across India.

ASCENT Foundation enables like-minded, growth-oriented entrepreneurs from across India to join the network of entrepreneurial peer learning Trust Groups. These cohorts enable founders to discuss their business and personal problems, opportunities, challenges, and obstacles for a solution-oriented approach by fellow entrepreneurs through non-competitive peer learning and sharing.

Talking about the All India Chapter of ASCENT Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico Ltd and Founder ASCENT says, “I am a strong believer in the power of collective and the huge role peer learning plays, especially among entrepreneurs. Experiential sharing and insights from like-minded entrepreneurs are critical in enriching the journey of the entrepreneur and the organisation. In the last 9 years, ASCENT has been successful in creating a holistic peer learning platform for over 800 SMEs and MSMEs and with the launch of the All India Chapter in April 2020, we are happy to extend this support to entrepreneurs from cities and towns across India. The geographical diversity that the All India chapter brings into the already diverse cohort expands the horizon to enable greater learnings and deeper discussions among entrepreneurs”.

Karnataka market has shown exemplary interest in joining peer learning and sharing with entrepreneurs across India, especially metros. An overall increase in the participation from Karnataka entrepreneurs from Bengaluru, Hubli, Mangalore, etc has been witnessed constituting 15% of the All-India ASCENT Foundation cohort. The increase in peer learning interest is due to the trust of sharing and tackling business challenges amongst like-minded entrepreneurs. 
Karnataka based entrepreneurs have utilized peer learning to successfully tackle some of the below mentioned predominant business issues existing in the market. 
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