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iMerit Launches Expert-in-the-Loop AI Data Solution iMeritDataStudio

iMeritDataStudio is an end-to-end AI data solution combining people, processes, and technology to efficiently and effectively create high quality data at scale
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 05-12-2021 | Views: 472
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iMerit, a leading AI data solutions company, today announced the release of iMeritDataStudio, a comprehensive suite of customer-facing and internal proprietary technologies. The new technology offers an industry-first fully integrated end-to-end solution for customers leveraging expert-in-the-loop machine learning workflows. iMeritDataStudio, which is inclusive of GroundControl, EdgeCase, and PeoplePlatform, was developed in response to iMerit's customers' need for rapid scale-up with deep expertise in higher quality data.

"iMerit saw a massive opportunity in the market to remove friction and streamline the data operations process for ML DataOps and engineering teams," said Glen Ford, VP of Product, iMerit."The iMeritDataStudio is among the first fully integrated end-to-end AI data solutions in the market for companies leveraging expert-in-the-loop machine learning workflows."

The state of the ML DataOps industry is rapidly changing, companies are realizing that current automation tools need to be combined with human-in-the-loop expertise to improve data quality to advance AI. More companies are getting closer to production ML and AI initiatives, which means they're dealing with significantly more complex projects and datasets. Consequently, as companies see progress in their ML initiatives, it's common to see a rapid increase in the volume of data, emergence of edge cases, and need for higher quality data, which lead to significant strains to scalability. iMeritDataStudio addresses these challenges with the following solutions:
•    iMeritGroundControl: is the single source of truth for managing all workflows within the data labeling pipeline. Clients can configure new projects, monitor progress, engage edge cases, and access in-depth analytics and insights.
•    iMeritEdgeCase: is the adaptive engine for identifying, monitoring, and labeling edge cases with greater precision, providing improved efficiency with a workflow platform for collaboration around edge case identification and remediation.
•    iMeritPeoplePlatform: delivers scalable operations infrastructure through expert skilling and skill matching, optimizing a dynamic workforce and complex workflows.

iMerit provides a suite of proprietary technologies, processes, and expertise that enable greater scalability of the data pipeline while maintaining industry-leading data quality. iMeritDataStudio, combined with expertise in solution design and process automation, leads to significant reductions in time-to-value for complex and straightforward projects alike.

iMeritDataStudio, which is currently in beta with select customers and expected to be more broadly available early next year, is the next step in ML DataOps architectures that enhances the performance of its customers.

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