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Student of Vah Vah!, Pouja Roy Wins Mrs India Contest

Vah Vah's mission is to educate and prepare India's youngsters for their future careers ** The company has Certified Professionals Courses in Makeup, Hairstyle & Nail Artistry ** Vah Vah! has welcomed students from 300+ cities in India and offers courses in three languages
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 01-10-2021 | Views: 539
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Online vocational education company Vah Vah! Is pleased to announce that a graduate of its Professional Makeup Artist Course, student Pouja Roy was crowned as the winner of Dazzle Mrs. India International 2021 & Mrs. Kolkata India International 2021.

Pooja joined Vah Vah! to improve her skills in Makeup and be able to present the best version of herself in upcoming pageants. Speaking about the impact that Vah Vah had on her, she commented, "Vah Vah's trainers have been a light of hope and positivity for me, this has given me the confidence I needed to participate".

The startup's mission is to educate and prepare India's young and dynamic population for their future careers, training them in vocational skills so that they can find employment or run their own business.

Started in October 2020 and headquartered in Bengaluru, Vah Vah!'s courses are designed for those looking to build a career or run their own entrepreneurial service business. 90% of the startup's cohorts are women, with an all-India representation. The startup currently offers professional courses in Makeup, Hair Styling & Nail Artistry with plans to expand to other vocational skill sets.

On the course design, Co-Founder Akash Senapaty said, "We are very focussed on ensuring that the content is fresh, has depth and is relevant to current trends. That is why our students are able to shine in a variety of situations - even beauty pageants!"

Vah Vah!'s courses are offered in small batches, and students are sent well-designed learning kits for Professional Makeup, Hairstyle or Nail Artistry with all the material they need to complete the course. Students learn from experienced beauty industry professionals, who undergo further training before they teach at Vah Vah!. For example, the platform's professional make-up artist course is a 22-day comprehensive training program across a variety of looks, such as fashion and bridal makeup, and includes career counselling and one-on-one Q&A time with trainers.
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