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Himalaya presents Superwomen’s 10K Bengaluru

India’s First Only-Women Age Categorized Competitive 10k Run to be held on Sunday, 15th March, 2020 at Nice Road, Bengaluru, Organized by United Sisters Foundation And Maximus Mice & Media Solutions, Himalaya Presents Superwomen’s 10K to have 4000 women participants running 10 km.
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 23-12-2019 | Views: 1694
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Online registrations open on

Bengaluru, runners’ paradise and haven for fitness enthusiasts is all set to witness Himalaya presents Superwomen’s 10k Bengaluru, India’s First Only-Women Age Categorized Competitive 10k Run to be held on Sunday, 15th March, 2020 at Nice Road, Bengaluru. Organised by United Sisters Foundation and Maximus Mice & Media Solutions, Himalaya Presents Superwomen’s 10K will have 4000 women participants.  

The top ten finisher of this run will receive the cash prizes. A prize money of One Lac will be given to runner who breaks the national record of 10 km in open category was also announced. Top three runners of nine age categories will be getting cash prizes too. A smaller distance of 5K timed category was also announced. 

Super model, Ultra man, actor and crusader of women’s health & fitness, founder Pinkathon, Milind Soman, Mr. Rahul Panchal, General manager, Consumer Product Division and Mr. Sudheer S, Business Head, Wellness Division from The Himalaya Drug Company announced the launch of Himalaya presents Superwomen’s 10k Bengaluru at a press conference today hosted by Hotel Hyatt Centric.  

Explaining the rationale of Himalaya presents Superwomen’s 10K, Milind Soman said, “While the city is already burgeoning with ever growing number of marathons, there was a void of an Only-Women Age Categorized Competitive 10k Run. We felt the need to organise one as there has been increased participation by women in this category across marathons. Women may initially start running for fun & leisure as also for fitness but they eventually do run competitively especially the 10 kms distance as they feel confident of improving their performance and winning the race category. I have observed that they train rigorously and take their runs seriously. We have many examples of very good women runners who have excelled at their personal best timings over a period of time. We have always conceptualised innovative running formats to make it inclusive and meaningful. We are hoping that the first edition will get overwhelming response and women will love the running event. We thank our partners The Himalaya Drug Companyfor coming forward and supporting us in our this new endeavour.” 

Mr. Philipe Haydon, CEO, The Himalaya Drug Company, was extremely happy to talk about the Company’s association with Superwomen’s 10K. “Celebrating our passion of spreading well-being, we are taking yet another step towards encouraging women to lead an active and healthy lifestyle through our collaboration with Superwomen 10K. As a brand dedicated to bringing happiness through wellness, we are excited to associate with INDIA’S LARGEST SINGLE DISTANCE WOMEN’S RUN that will enable more women to discover the joy of running”.  

Mr. Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Director-Consumer Products Division, The Himalaya Drug Company, speaking about the association said, “As a company, Himalaya has always been passionate about bringing solutions that help people discover the happiness of a healthier life. SuperWomen10K embodies this spirit, and hence, we were happy to extend our support to this event. Marathons have gained huge popularity as a mainstay to have an active lifestyle. As a brand, we believe in spreading the joy of being fit. This association is in line with our continued efforts to encourage people to lead a healthier life”. 

Reema Sanghavi, Co-Founder Pinkathon & Managing Director, Maximus MICE & Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd said, “We are super excited to launch Superwomen’s 10K, yet another iconic running event for only women in the competitive category. Coming from the makers of Pinkathon, India's biggest women’s run where over 275,000 women have ran so far in the last 8 years across multiple cities, Superwomen’s 10K too will achieve new milestones. We will undertake several initiatives to promote this event and encourage more women to compete in the age categorised run. We will continue to create such events to further the cause of Women’s health & fitness at every age.”

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