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Book Launch of “Contemporary Issues in IT Education - Volume II” by Sri. S.V. Ranganath

The meeting was attended by many professors and principals along with faculty members including students of several colleges, office bearers of BITES, several Heads of Departments of PES University and distinguished invitees
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 08-05-2018 | Views: 178
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BITES organized a “Book Release” that contained all the editorials since 2000 through 2017 and it is a highly cherished technical literature that elaborates the existing and futuristic IT education that will be both standard and of high quality. 

Shri SV Rangnanath, the Chairman, BITES released the compendium in the presence of luminaries like Dr BS Sonde, previous doyen in the domain of Electronics and Communication Engineering and served Indian Institute of Science and also the previous Vice-Chancellor of Goa University; Prof Sadagopan, the Director of IITB and member of Board of BITES, Dr. Karisiddappa, Vice-Chancellor of VTU, Belgaum, Shri Channabasappa, another very senior Member of BITES and Shri, MN Vidyashankar, Previous Principal Secretary and Vice-Chairmanof BITES.  Dr. KNB Murthy, President of BITES gave welcome address. 

Shri Ranganath empasized that IT education is a has significance to many a innovation that could contribute to economy of the country; we need more googles, FaceBooks invented by Indians.  He further said that Artificial Intelligence has a unique capability of not only providing good hands-on practice that is so useful for both teaching and effective learning.  He stressed that the teacher will be an integral component to help and mentor students and the MOOCS can never be a substitute.  
Dr. Sonde, in his presidential remarks said that there is a big scope to frame relevant syllabi for IT education in India in the background that AICTE has not attempted syllabi in the recently available model curriculum.  He said BITES along with VTU should work together to fill in this gap of helping AICTE to go ahead with suggesting model syllabus that would be contextual and help in dispensation of effective IT education.

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