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Amazon India continues to expand India Infrastructure

Expands storage capacity of its fulfillment network by over 1.5X in 2018 ** With 67 Fulfillment Centres across 13 Indian States offering over 20 Million cubic feet of storage capacity, Amazon India continues to offer the Largest Fulfillment Infrastructure in the Country
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 26-04-2018 | Views: 320
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Amazon India today announced it was increasing its storage capacity in 2018 by 1.5X over the previous year, as continued investment in its fulfillment infrastructure to match its rapidly expanding business in India. With the addition of five new Fulfillment Centres (FC), now has 67 FCs in 13 states, with a total storage capacity of over 20 million cubic feet. This includes the recently announced specialized network of 6 FCs for the large appliances and furniture category and another specialized network of 15 FCs to support the AmazonNow business.  These new FCs will be set up in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Vijayawada and Kolkata to support increased customer and seller demand from these regions. All of these fulfillment centres will be fully operational before the festive season of 2018 as continues to be the fastest growing ecommerce company at scale in India.  

“We want to ensure that Indian customers can buy anything, anytime from anywhere in the country. At Amazon, we have been consistently investing in our infrastructure and delivery network, to provide a superior experience to both customers and sellers. With the addition of this expanded infrastructure, we will be able to offer an even better Prime experience to our customers.” said Akhil Saxena, Vice President, Customer Fulfillment, Amazon India. 

He added, “The 67 FCs we now have across our fulfillment network will enable tens of thousands of small & medium businesses to fulfil their orders in a cost-efficient manner. We continue to remain committed to long term investment for infrastructure and technology in India that helps create thousands of new jobs, and brings economic growth in these areas, including ancillary businesses such as packaging, transportation and logistics.” 

Amazon has created one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world and sellers in India have been benefitting from Amazon’s expertise in fulfilment, reliable nationwide delivery and customer service. When using Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA), sellers across India send their products to Amazon’s FCs and once an order is placed, Amazon picks, packs & ships the order to the customer, provides customer service and manages returns on behalf of the sellers. 

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