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A rare and 1st ARMD surgery in India successfully done by MaxiVision

MaxiVision Eye Hospitals accomplished yet another milestone, successfully carried out ARMD surgery in Hyderabad
Hyderabad | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 20-04-2018 | Views: 1508
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Hyderabad-based MaxiVision Super Specialty Eye Hospital takes pride to announce yet another milestone it accomplished having successfully done ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) surgery a first of its kind operation in India and created a history by improving vision to patient suffering from the problem for more than 40 years who has lost his hopes moving various hospitals and counties like USA. Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy – Founder & Mentor, Maxivision Eye Hospital Group known for his rich experience in carrying out critical eye care surgeries triumphantly conducted this operation on one RVS Subbaraju 72 years old from Hyderabad and became the 1st eye doctor in India to perform such a surgery. MaxiVision is the first eye hospital in India to accomplish this milestone. Patient RVS Subbaraju ,A professor in Chemical engineering exulted in happy on regaining vision after 40 years of struggle said, he has lost hopes on the eyes problem as there is no cure for ARMD and moved many hospitals to get it rectified but in vain. Finally he got successfully operated in MaxiVsion and his vision has been improved a lot.

Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospital founded by Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy is at the forefront of many indigenous research projects and introduced many proven technologies to improve the vision of patients.  Continuing the tradition of brining advanced technologies for patient care, Maxivision in collaboration with Care Group IOL, an Indian Company based in Vadodara, Gujarat and its founder Mr. Lal Dave is proud to announce the introduction of iolAMD® eyemaxmonoTM lens technology invented by Dr. Qureshi and Dr. Artal for the first time in India for the treatment of macular degeneration.  

Speaking on the occasion Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy – Founder & Mentor, Maxivision Eye Hospital Group, said, ARMD is a condition wherein if you would imagine the eye like a camera with a lens in the front to focus and a film in the back for processing the picture, the film part of the eye is the Retina which has two parts – central retina and peripheral retina. The central retina is called the Macula and is responsible for central vision. When you directly look at people or paper, Macula is primarily responsible to see sharply whether it is near or distant. This macula in some people degenerates and loses its ability to focus sharply as they become older,and in these people even if a cataract operation is done, the central vision remains to be defective. Therefore, as it is related to age problem, it is called Age Related Macular Degeneration or ARMD. For the 1st time in India an Indian company the Care group India, of Baroda in Gujarat has produced a lens that was invented jointly by Dr. Bobby Qureshi of London along with Prof. Pablo Artal of Murcia University and Care group india. They have produced a lens called IOL AMD. The ability of the lens is such and the optics are designed in such a way that the image we see is focused into the peripheral part of the deceased macula, so that the patient gets improvement in the ability to see the near and the distance. 

Elaborating more Sudheer, COO of Maxivision Eye Hospital Group, said, for the 1st time in India Maxivision Eye Hospital has conducted many researches and introduced many technologies, got the opportunity, to take up this surgery, thanks to care group india and its Founder Mr Lal Dave. Our Founder Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy has conducted this very 1st operation in India. 

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