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Maiden Taiwan Expo To Be Held In India

Around 130 exhibitors from Taiwan will present their high quality products and services at the much awaited event
New Delhi | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 15-04-2018 | Views: 388
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Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan’s foremost trade promotion organization is all set to organize first ever ‘TaiwanExpo’ at PragatiMaidan in New Delhi, India on May 17-19, 2018. 

The expo will showcase Taiwan’s latest technologies, eco-friendly products and industrial prowess through eight themed pavilions along with eight specialized industry areas dedicated to diverse industry verticals including green products, smart cities, EV Alliance, healthcare, tourism, food processing machinery, textiles, automobiles, sports, agriculture, ICT products, Mandarin education and business service.

There will be series of activities that are scheduled to take place in New Delhi to mark the beginning of the event which includes a press conference to launch the expo, one-on-one trade meetings, seminar on Smart Medical Innovation-Total Solution for Healthcare, seminar of Taiwan Smart Industry trend, India-Taiwan EV Forum, Taiwan Cultural performances and other range of exciting events.

Mr. James Huang, Chairman, TAITRA, says, “Although the government promoted a Southbound Policy in the 1990s, the Tsai government is today pushing a new direction and integrating this policy into policies relating to South Asia. This constitutes the biggest difference between the New Southbound Policy and the previous southbound policies. At present, the core spirit of Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy is based on comprehensive and long-term exchange and relations with New Southbound countries, through multiple exchanges and cooperation initiatives in the spheres of industry, investment, trade, talent, culture, and tourism.”

During the press conference, there will be a session on ‘Exploring the Next Highland through Industry 4.0, AI & Co-Creation’ by Mr. Vincent Chang, Sales Head of Asia Pacific & Intercontinental Region, Advantech, where he will be sharing insights of the industry.

The event will also see presence of delegates from TAITRA, FICCI and other associate partners. This expo will mark the beginning of trade relationship between the two countries.

TAITRA has also recently hosted few media delegates to Taiwan to showcase its industry and manufacturing units like TreatYou Medical Technology Corporation, Spring Pool Glass Ind.Co. Ltd, KUO Chang Machinery Co Ltd., Moxa Inc, Hu Lane Associate, Ti-Ho Healthcare Technology Co. Ltd and Hair Oright International Corp. This trip was a part of TAITRA promotional campaign to promote business ties between the two countries.

 “Emphasizing economic and trade cooperation, resource-sharing, regional links, and talent exchange, the policy considers the needs of local consumption, infrastructure, and industrial transformation in economic and trade cooperation, and strengthening industrial value chain integration, domestic demand market links, and infrastructure engineering cooperation. Each individual sphere serves to promote the complementary and common prosperity of Taiwan and their partner countries’ economies,”Mr. Huang added.

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