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Kiccha Sudeep inaugurates Innovative International Film Festival in Bengaluru

Inauguration of Innovative International Film Festival festival brings independent films from around the world and provides learning opportunities for viewers ** French, Egyptian, Persian, Swahili, Arabic, English, Indonesian language films come to Bengaluru
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 15-04-2018 | Views: 649
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The Innovative International Film Festival day one started with inauguration was done by Actor Sudeep, his wife Priya Sudeep, Rockline Venkatesh, and Rajendra Singh Babu and Saravana Prasad accompanied them on the stage. The audience got to catch the first look and teaser of the movies Kurukshetra by director Naganna and Natasarvabhowma by director Pawan Wadeyar who was also present at the occasion. 

Over the three days in Innovative Film City, Bengaluru, will feature over 70 national and international films, interactive sessions with filmmakers and experts over these three days. The festival functions as a major networking platform for film students, while an award show will felicitate the leaders of the Kannada film industry. 

Organised by the Innovative Film Academy, the festival is put together by a team comprising Shri Saravana Prasad, Founder Chairman; Shri Rockline Venkatesh, Mentor-Advisor; Shri Rajendra Singh Babu, Festival Director; Upasana Mittal, Executive Director, and a 30-member strong team. 

At the inauguration, Sudeep said, "The idea to start the first edition of Innovative International Film Festival at Innovative Film City is a great initiative. This gives an opportunity for people to shine and show their talent in the film industry. 

Having conducted Big Boss on this same stage, which has been an unforgettable experience, I am overwhelmed to be here once again for such an event. I wish everyone all the success to carry this forward to the coming years."   

Rockline Venkatesh, Mentor at the film academy and advisory to the festival, says the film festival will not only screen international films but also act as a melting pot of languages and cultures. He says, “From the moment the moving camera was invented, we have played with the idea of language, culture, and what it means to exhibit one culture in another place. This festival will continue that dialogue.”

Rajendra Singh Babu, Festival Director, said, “We have a huge pool of talent, but mainstream films and studios follow very similar routes and do not explore ideas at all. We hope the films we screen at IIFF will change that.” 

Upasana Mittal, Executive Director of the festival, said “The films explore themes of belonging, relationships, nation, colonialism, violence, cultural norms and globalisation. We believe these are important themes and topics that we in India must also critically look at.” 

Over 500 delegates attended the inauguration and amongst them were students who could interact, observe and learn from industry professionals at the event. e venue, and have provided them with a networking platform as well. The inauguration was followed by a fashion show which had a troup of 15 models showcasing the collections of Ranjitha fashions.

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