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Embassy Group Reaffirms Its Commitment To A Greener Urban India

Launches Second Edition Of Urban Green Initiative covering one acre of land within business parks in Bangalore and Pune ** Expert horticulturist to teach employees to nurture mini organic farms in their office campuses
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 11-04-2018 | Views: 439
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Embassy Group, India’s leading real estate developer launched the second edition of the Urban Green Initiative. This program endeavours to increase the green spaces in Embassy office campuses by offering tenant’s employees an opportunity to get guided experience in edible landscaping. 

This unique initiative pioneered by the Embassy Group for the first-time in India last year, will be implemented this year, at the Embassy Manyata Business Park in Bangalore and the Embassy Tech Zone in Pune. As part of the program, employees working at these campuses will get an opportunity to learn about organic farming and gardening from an expert team of horticulturists and nurture their mini-farms in a space specially created for this activity.                                              

Announcing the second edition of the program, Mr. Pradeep Lala, CEO, Embassy Services said, "We are extremely delighted to announce the second edition of the Embassy Urban Green Program after the successful completion of the first edition. Workplace Farming is gaining popularity internationally, and we believe that this program is a great way to not only increase the green cover in the cities but to also help employees connect back with food, learn about farming and promote healthy eating choices. Today, the depleting green covers in the city are a cause for concern, and we need to move the needle by doing our part in educating people about the individual role they can play to achieve the goal of a greener city.” 

The first edition of Embassy Group’s “Urban Green” was launched in February 2017 and offered more than 170 plots of 16 sq. ft. each in Embassy Manyata Business Park in Bangalore. Over the next few months, Embassy Group plans to roll out this program on a larger scale in more IT parks across India.

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