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SSNMC Super Speciality Hospital dedicated World Health Day to Senior Citizens

It was a day never to be forgotten for the senior citizens of Bengaluru as the SSNMC Super speciality hospital organised special programmes to mark the World Health day
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 07-04-2018 | Views: 1483
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The hospital decided to organise a slew of programmes dedicated only to senior citizens which was a unique initiative in itself. To begin with, the hospital had organised a number of fun games which was enthusiastically participated by the senior citizens. This was followed by expert advice as to how one need to take care of their health once they cross 60. Meanwhile, SSNMC also released senior citizen cards, which will be a big boon in terms of timely and cost effective treatment. 

Speaking on the occasion, SSNMC Super Speciality hospital Group Medical Director Dr Ajoy Raj Malpe said, "Our main focus is good health adds life to years. The number of people today aged 60 and over has doubled since 1980. By 2050, these older adults will outnumber all children under the age of 14. Demographic changes are accompanied by new challenges. While most older people were suffering from non-communicable diseases, the number of people living with disability is increasing due to population ageing and because of the greater risk of chronic health problems in older age. Globally, many older people are at risk of maltreatment. This means that the need for long-term care is rising." 

He also cited examples that in some houses, older women and men are less respected. The marginalization can be structural or informal, such as older people being viewed as less energetic and less valuable to a potential employer. These attitudes are examples of "ageism" – the stereotyping of, and discrimination against, individuals or groups because of their age. These stereotypes can prevent older men and women from fully participating in social, political, economic, cultural, spiritual, civic and other activities. Hence, SSNMC had taken up a number of initiatives including the health card which will promote healthy lifestyle across the life-course to save lives, protect health and alleviate disability and pain in older age. 

Dr B R Kiran Kumar Director - Operations, said the SSNMC was committed to promote health across the life-course. "Our society needs to take up a number of initiatives like creating age-friendly environments that foster the health and participation of older people. Providing access to basic primary health care, long-term care and palliative care and most importantly acknowledging the value of older people and help them participate fully in family and community life. Let us join hands to create an environment where good health adds life to years", he added.

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