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Look Youthful with Hairline International’s Permanent Make-Up Techniques

Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic now enhances its repertoire of services and offers clients permanent make-up techniques. Permanent make-up is a cosmetic technique that involves the use of natural pigments on the dermis (upper layer) of the skin to create designs similar to your everyday make-up. The techniques offered are lip colour enhancement, semi-permanent eyebrows, scalp pigmentation for the likeness of hair, the management of stretch marks, areola pigmentation as a restorative cosmetic process for patients of cancer and also permanent beauty spots to draw attention to specific features of the face
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 06-04-2018 | Views: 627
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Speaking on offering these various techniques of permanent make-up, Bani Anand, Founder and Managing Director, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic says, “We have been working on permanent make-up to deal with vitiligo for a long time now and have expanded our services to include several other requirements that are in demand. We will also be introducing pigmentation to deal with dark circles under the eyes as well as permanent eye liners. These are techniques that have an immense effect on the persona, without being surgical in nature”.

Speaking about the technique of lip color enhancement, Dr. Premalatha V, Dermatosurgeon Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic explains, “With age, the shape of the lips is lost and its color begins to fade. This usually happens on the outer edges of the lips during the onset. With lip pigmentation, the natural outline of the lips is restored, giving it better shape and fullness. The natural pigment restores the original shade of the lips as well”.

Elaborating on semi-permanent eyebrows, Dr. Dinesh S K says that once these are applied to your facial features, they can bring about a dramatic effect to the face and increase youthfulness. Scalp micro-pigmentation brings about the look of naturally coloured hair on the scalp enabling a close cropped look. Areola pigmentation, though a longer procedure of several sittings, can have a dramatic effect and can boost self-esteem immensely.

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