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Beat the heat at Atlantic Water World, as it opens its gates for all

The splashiest and most fun-packed water park in town is all set to enthrall Delhi-NCR residents beginning this month
New Delhi | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 04-04-2018 | Views: 512
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Atlantic Water World - Delhi's premier family entertainment centre is swinging its gates open for all on March 30th 2018. The newest splash-tastic water park is spread across 5 acres and can easily accommodate more than 3000 people, under the watchful eyes of a team of highly trained lifeguards.
Now soak up a storm of fun under the city’s scorching heat as Atlantic Water World is designed to be the perfect cooling spot for all age groups. Since it’s located on the beautiful river Yamuna waterfront near the Okhla barrage, it’s easily accessible for all the residents of Delhi, NOIDA and Faridabad.
The outdoor entertainment hub comes with diverse attractions such a wave pool, lazy river, water coaster and a family pool. There are myriad ways to enjoy the thrills and spills of this water adventure –For instance the ‘Aqua Funnel’, which is created for the first time in north India is the star attraction. And for truly thrilling experience, there’s the ‘Tornado’, where one will zoom down 60 feet while sitting on a rubber tube. Then there’s the ‘Storm Eye’ where one gets dropped down an elevated chute and spin like a fusili before splashing into a giant splash bowl. Not for the faint hearted. For tiny visitors, there’s the ‘Baby Cool’ that promises oodles of fun and Vitamin D!
There are numerous other slides and splash-down rides that can be enjoyed by visitors of different tastes. All the 13 slides are certified and have achieved world-class accreditation. The rain dance, lazy river pool, Octopus Pool with multi play pool and a wave pool promises to make your visit a memorable one.

On the occasion Mr. Imran Ali Khan, Managing partner, Atlantic Water World, said, “We are very excited to have opened our gates for the public to visit Atlantic Water World and make memories. Our priority remains the safety and security of all our visitors and our teams will be closely monitoring everything to ensure that everybody has a great time.”

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