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QNET denies wrongdoing and alleges false claims by a vested interest group

QNET denies wrongdoing and alleges false claims by a vested interest group
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 02-04-2018 | Views: 1686
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There are certain media reports about law enforcement agencies taking action against the company and it’s Independent Representatives.

QNET wishes to clarify and state on record the following through Press Release.

1)      There are certain complaints made to law enforcement agencies by a group of vested interest people. The group has demanded a refund from the company. After an internal investigation, the company has ample evidence to state that the claims are misleading and baseless.
2)      The company’s business and operations are covered under the purview of Model Direct Selling Guidelines issued by The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India. The company has furnished an undertaking to the Ministry in 2017 that it adheres to the said guidelines.
3)      In line with the model Direct Selling Guidelines, the company has a 30-day buy-back policy wherein, the IR, if not satisfied with the product that is bought can return it and the amount paid is refunded in full to him or her. However, in this case all the 22 complaints are about a refund request after one year of making the purchase of goods or services. 
4)      The group has alleged charges against Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Private Limited which is a sub-franchisee of QNet Ltd into direct selling on an e-commerce platform. Vihaan neither solicits any investments nor seeks any deposits or registration fees for joining the QNET business.  Any consumer can visit the company website to buy products of his / her choice, either as a retail customer using a referral ID of an existing IR or register as an IR of the company. Any person can also register for free to become a sales distributor of the company’s products.
5)      The company has a customer support centre wherein all complaints from the IRs are recorded and investigations undertaken.  In case the complaint is found to be true the IRs are terminated from the business. We have terminated many IRs in the past based on the investigations conducted by the company on having received complaints about them.
6)      The company is co-operating with the law enforcement agencies to provide necessary documents for clarification.
7)      The company will pursue legal action against the group for false complaint and defaming the company and it’s sales representatives.
8)      The Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka on February 17, 2017 has given a detailed order and stated that the activity undertaken by the company do not fall under the Prize Chit Money Circulation schemes (Banning) Act.  

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