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‘Ghoomar Festival’ at Kesariya Suvarna Mahal, J P Nagar, Bengaluru

Experience the magic of the desert state’s folk dance and music by Rajasthan’s well known Deen Mohammad group from 28th March to 1st April
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 24-03-2018 | Views: 720
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Kesariya, Bangalore's first Shekhawat restaurant is hosting ‘Ghoomar Festival’ at its newly launched banquet hall ‘Kesariya Suvarna Mahal’ from 28th March to 1st  April at Gate No. 55, Goenka Chambers, 19th Main Road, 15th Cross, 2nd Phase, JP Nagar. Ghoomar Festival will showcase resplendent performances by Ghoomar artists who will dance to the soulful tunes of Manganiyars of Rajasthan .
‘Ghoomar’, a traditional folk dance form from the state of Rajasthan is performed by women in colourful ghagras, choli and dupatta. Derived from the Hindi word ‘Ghoomna’, Ghoomar dancers swirl together in a graceful tempo matching the tunes of the singers. The whirling effect from the Ghagra and the synchronized movements of the dancers is a delight to watch. 
The Deen Mohammad troupe from Rajasthan is one among the well known Manganiyar troupes from the desert land.  While the Manganiyars take the stage with white dhotis and colourful turbans, the ghoomar dancers with their heavily embroidered ghagra will twirl and sway to the full throated voices of  manganiyars.  The heady combination of rhythm and melody by the Manganiyars along with precarious balancing acts by Ghoomar dancers is a treat to the senses.
Known for their ability to instantly connect with their audience, Deen Mohammad group has performed at various venues in India and abroad. From Germany to Russia, Austria to Jaffna, the troupe has performed at popular music events like Oslo music festival and SPIC Macay concert at Norway.
At Kesariya Suvarna Mahal, the troupe will showcase folk classics like ‘Kesariya Balam’, signature sufi song ‘Damadam Mast kalandar’, rajasthani folk ‘ nibuda nibuda’ and an exciting Bhawai dance with tricky balancing acts.  The manganiyars use traditional instruments like Kamayacha( bow and string instruments), Morchang( harp), Khartal( percussion), Alghoza(double flute) and many other traditional folk instruments.
As a part of the Ghoomar Festival, Kesariya has curated a special menu that showcases the flavours of the desert region. From the quintessential Dal Bhati Churma to offbeat delicacies like Dahi Gatta Pulao, Kesariya will offer two different menus during ‘Ghoomar Festival’.  That’s not all! If you love chaats, try out Raj Kachori chaat, mirchi vada, bhutte ka pakoda and many more lipsmacking finger food at Kesariya. With more than 35 items in each menu, indulge in the luxuriously rich meal  served on a silver platter.
Experience the magic of ‘Ghoomar Festival’ at Kesariya from 28th March to 1st  April
When :  28th March to 1st April
What :  ‘Ghoomar Festival’ by Deen Mohammad Group from Rajasthan
Where : Kesariya Suvarna Mahal, Gate No. 55, Goenka Chambers, 19th Main Road, 15th Cross, 2nd                     Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru –
Contact : 080 2659 0800
Time: 12 Noon to 3.30 PM and 7 PM to 11 PM

Cost for Thali: Adults - Rs 595/- (inclusive of all taxes)

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