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Cornitos launches its new products at AAHAR International Food & Hospitality Fair 2018

Aahar is Asia's best-known fair dedicated to the food, beverage and hospitality industries. Cornitos utilized this platform to launch three New Cheesy dips and the Premium Peanuts Long Salted. Cornitos Premium Peanuts Salted is a long variety, handpicked and processed through unique roasting technology for a uniform roast and a crunchy bite
New Delhi | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 20-03-2018 | Views: 737
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Cornitos, the flagship brand of Greendot Health Foods Pvt Ltd participated in AAHAR – the International Food & Hospitality Fair held on March 13th till March 17th 2018 at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The popular nachos brand garnered a lot of interest from Indian and International consumers at this event. Cornitos Chefs Prepared lip smacking Nacho and Taco recipes customized according to different regions of India. Nacho and Taco Recipes were appreciated by all the visitors to Cornitos Stall and was eye opener for the patrons after tasting varied recipes of Nachos and Tacos. Most liked recipe was Chettinad Nachos, Nachos Chaat, Crunchy Pasta Salad and Jhalmuri Crunchy Shots.
The cheesy dips range includes Cheesy Chipotle dip, Cheesy Jalapeño dip and Ranch Cucumber dip to make your snacking time more exciting and utterly delicious. The Chipotle Cheesy Dip is hot flavour with zestfulness of Mexican hot spice and creaminess of cheese. The other variant, Cheesy Jalapeno dip has a hint of tangy hot Jalapeno pepper with Cheesilicious goodness. Finally, the Ranch Cucumber dip is a cooling flavour with natural cucumber juice. All the new varieties struck an instant chord with the visitors and guests at Aahar.
Mr. Vikram Agarwal, Director of GreenDot Health Foods Limited, said, “Aahar is India’s oldest and the most sought after trade show in the food & hospitality industry. We enjoy participating in this show every year as it’s a perfect platform to create awareness about the versatility of the brand. We also get an opportunity to connect with consumers and their feedback helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses. We have a few new products in the pipeline and are confident that this association will help us to evolve and engage with our target audience.”

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