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3M India addresses the importance of 100% safety compliance behavior

Over 40 representatives and leaders from pharmaceutical companies engaged in a discussion with 3M’s Global and Indian safety experts about the importance of a healthy and safe workplace environment
Mumbai | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 20-03-2018 | Views: 590
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On the back of celebrating National Safety Month, 3M India organized the third edition of the India Pharmaceutical Advisory Council (IPAC) in Mumbai today. Aimed at educating and addressing daily safety challenges and ensuring worker safety, the IPAC brought together 3M’s Global/Indian experts and pharmaceutical partners such as Abbott, Cipla, Emcure, GSK, Inventia Healthcare, Mylan, Microlabs, Unichem and Zydys Pfizer among others, to discuss the importance of “Moving towards 100% Safety Compliance Behavior”.
Talking about the risk arising from solvents in the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Bharat Londhe, Global EHS Head for Piramal, suggested the methods they are using to build the engineering and administrative controls. He also emphasized on the emerging needs of Anti-static PPE to avoid fire hazards at the workplace.
Speaking about the importance of worker health and safety, Mr. K Nandakumar, Division Manager, Personal Safety Division, 3M India said, “The need for comprehensive worker health and safety personal protective equipment solutions has never been greater. With the changing regulations, industries and technologies, people are faced with the complex task of finding the right way to help protect their workers and business. We are delighted to receive a positive response from our partners year after year as they too believe that a safe and healthy environment leads to productive workforce, ensuring better organizational performance. With the science of safety being of utmost importance to us, we will continue to educate and demonstrate to safety officers and workers about choosing the right type of protective equipment that can minimize accidents and hazards at the workplace.”
Workers in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are vulnerable to a wide range of health and safety hazards every day such as fires, chemical explosions/reactions and exposure to toxins. Some can immediately impact their lives, while others may go unnoticed until later in life. With 3M’s Personal Protective Equipment employers can prevent workers from injuries and diseases, thereby creating a healthier and safer workplace environment.

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