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International student satisfaction at Newcastle University ranked in UK's top 10

International students continue to rate highly their experience at Newcastle University, an international student survey has revealed
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 13-03-2018 | Views: 393
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Conducted by i-graduate, the International Student Barometer Autumn 2017 results demonstrate a high level of satisfaction among students from around the world, with 93% of respondents stating they were satisfied with the University overall. This response rate places Newcastle University 6th in the UK, out of 31 participating institutions.

Satisfaction among Newcastle University’s international students is high across a number of categories, including expert lecturers (95%), learning support (94%) and quality lectures (90%). More than nine out of 10 international students (94%) were satisfied with the Careers Service, placing Newcastle 4th in the UK and 7th internationally.

Professor Richard Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Engagement and Internationalisation, Newcastle University, said: “We are a vibrant international community with over 6,000 students from more than 130 countries. The consistently high satisfaction among our international students underlines our key focus on delivering outstanding student experience and excellent environment for our students’ experience, as well as their personal and professional development.”

Anshuma Sharma, a postgraduate Media and Public Relations student from India, said "Situated in gorgeous Northeast England, Newcastle is known for its natural beauty and rich heritage. The city also has a lower cost of living. You couldn’t ask for better quality teaching. The city balances community and connections. I feel quite lucky to be a part of a world famous university that feels like home."

Newcastle University Students’ Union received a 97% satisfaction rate, placing it 6th in the UK.

Ronnie Reid, President of Newcastle University Students’ Union, said: “The Students’ Union deeply values the contribution of international students to the fabric of life at Newcastle University. We’re extremely proud to have scored 97% in the ISB, and I think this reflects both the quality and quantity of support and activities that we coordinate at NUSU.”

The International Student Barometer Autumn 2017 compiled results from 92 participating institutions from all over the world. Since its launch, it has gathered feedback from over 3 million students worldwide across all student types, levels and years of study.

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