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‘She Can Fly’

Orion Mall and Smile Foundation honor women to mark International Women’s Day
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 12-03-2018 | Views: 380
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On the occasion of International Women’s day, Orion mall, one of Bangalore’s premium malls, in association with Smile Foundation, a national level development organization, honored key women achievers from all walks of life. This exclusive event had a panel discussion on “She Can Fly” – a forum to discuss challenges and celebrate the success of women achievers at Orion Mall, Lakeside, Brigade Gateway.

The esteemed panel comprised of women achievers from various fields, including Ms. Geetha Menon - Women’s rights activist; Ms. Sunitha Venugopal - Director Media & Public Affairs, (Walmart Labs); Reeth Abraham - CEO – NEB Sports; Anita Kholay – Indian Fashion Designer and Stylist; Pallavi Foley, Jewellery Designer; Beena Patra, Interior Designer; Reshma Kunni, Fashion Designer and moderator Shreya Krishnan – Vice President Marketing & Communications Aviniti Broking Firm.

These illustrious women, all from varying backgrounds, are the trendsetters in their fields. They are the leaders, the ones who chased their dreams and made their marks in the fields that they chose.

“She Can Fly”, an initiative by Smile Foundation is an effort to enable, equip and empower the girl child with quality education, proper nutrition, good health, essential skills, and above all, the self-confidence to help them live to their fullest potential. The initiative also focused on sensitizing the society on the importance of education for the girl child.

On this occasion, Mr. Vishal Mirchandani, CEO, Retail & Commercial, said, “At Orion Mall, it is our constant endeavor to go beyond being a retail destination and offer value to the community. This event helped us reflect on the endless possibilities women create for themselves each day. The panel discussion, which I’m sure was an enriching experience for everyone present, is our way of saluting the spirit of women.”

“A girl child comes into this world with just as many expectations, dreams and aspirations as a boy, but soon finds out that her way towards achieving them is much more challenging. She aims to fly high, but her wings are cut by the ruthlessly unjust gender bias that our society is ridden with. Through this initiative, we want to sensitize civil society and partner them in the process of empowering, educating and making our girl child stronger, to stand her own ground,” says Mr. Sanjeev Dham, COO, Smile Foundation.

 “She Can Fly, let’s give her the sky!”

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