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Omega Healthcare shows its support with a human chain

Omega Healthcare shows its support with a human chain in Bengaluru, Chennai, Bhimavaram and Trichy
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 12-03-2018 | Views: 818
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On International Women’s Day, employees at Omega Healthcare formed a human chain to show their solidarity and belief in gender parity, celebrating the spirit of womanhood across four different cities- Bengaluru, Chennai, Bhimavaram and Trichy. The chain symbolises linking arms for growth and empowerment of women.
Currently, women account for 40% of the overall strength at Omega, and the company has taken many initiatives to increase this ratio. Roshni and Advancing Women at Omega are initiatives specially framed to enable women to take on senior leadership roles in the company. These programs not only help them in their professional development but on the personal front too.
Lalitha M Shetty, Senior Director, Human Resources, Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, said “We believe in providing equal opportunity to all our people to demonstrate their talent at workplace to their full potential. Omega is filled with success stories of many women and to see them achieve this success with the company is a matter of pride for us. After 9 years of successful career as a professional social worker, I started my career as an entry level HR person at Omega. I have received constant support and motivation from my team and superiors in each step. The avenues for growth are aplenty and learning is a continuous process here. It has been a wonderful work experience this far and I enjoy each day of work at Omega.”

Sruthy Rajan, DGM, Human Resources, Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, added “Truly awesome to see all women coming together. But what made this truly memorable was a great turn out from our male colleagues. The stepped forward holding banners & placards to soldier their support & encouragement for us WOMEN.  This is a demonstration of our culture - very collaborative & inclusive.  Each day of my career at Omega - spanning 11 years now - has been truly memorable. Every day brings in new opportunities & challenges. Our open & friendly culture, organization’s commitment to individual development, freedom & support to work with cross functional teams & implement innovative and impactful practices, these have really helped me grow in my career here at Omega.”
In line with this, Saisree R, Associate Director – Operations, Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, says, “It is a feel good & feel special day, for any woman. It is a day for each woman to pause a minute and look back & recognize the efforts put to create this beautiful world around them.  I felt extremely happy to see Omega take steps to celebrate womanhood with multiple events, and the human chain was the show stealer of the day. The aim is to spread awareness on women empowerment & bring about gender equality.  It was a privilege today to witness the women employees cherishing the special day & the blessing of being a woman, as well as all our fellow male Omegans offering support and making us feel special. I joined Omega in 2008 as an Assistant manager for coding & I am one of the privileged employees to grow my career along with Omega.” 
“It was a great experience with so many of our associates participating in the Human Chain formation,” says Purnima S, Associate Director – Operations, Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Trichy. “Omega does break the myth that prevails in a corporate world on gender equality challenges and a male-dominant workspace. In any given time, I have never put my career on hold because of my personal life, thanks to the support I have received from my company. In fact, I was given more opportunities to explore and grow my career, helping achieve a balanced work-life. From my own experience I can clearly and at the same time proudly say that Omega is a safe organization for women as I have traveled places with my male peers and never faced any issues.” she adds. 
As the part of the event, human chains were formed at Wind Tunnel Road in Bangalore, Williams Rd, Cantonment in Trichy, RMZ Millennia Business Park, Dr. MGR Road in Chennai, and DNR University Campus, Bhimavaram.

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