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Manipal Hospitals launched awareness campaign on World Kidney Day

Free Kidney tests for women constables at Home Guard Office ** Free Kidney tests to all for a week at the Hospital
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 08-03-2018 | Views: 507
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Manipal Hospitals unveiled awareness campaign on World Kidney Day today. Aimed at educating Women in adopting healthy lifestyle for a better quality of life this campaign was flagged off by Ms. MC Mary Kom, Indian Olympic Boxer & World Boxing Champion along with Ms. D. Roopa, IPS Officer, Inspector General of Police & Addl. Commandant General Home Guards & Ex – Officio Additional Director, Civil Defense, Karnataka in the presence of Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Veteran Nephrologist & Chairman Manipal Hospitals.
Hosts of other activities were organized at the Hospital to mark this day. People seeking kidney checkups can avail free screening, which will be available from March 8 – March 16, 2018. Additionally women constables will be offered free kidney tests at Home Guard office premises. Manipal Hospitals Malleswaram unveiled Integrate Dialysis Program & Well Women Package aimed to improve dialysis outcomes .
Transplant patients shared their experience on their journey and life post-transplant. Doctors conducted informative talks wherein expert nephrologist shared some quick tips to maintain healthy kidneys. People pledged to say no to smoking, drinking and junk food. They further pledged to incorporate exercise and healthy food habits in their daily lives.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. D. Roopa, IPS, Inspector General of Police & Addl. Commandant General Home Guards & Ex – Officio Additional Director, Civil Defence, Karnataka Said, “There is a saying that Health is Wealth and if Health is lost everything is lost. Women play crucial roles in today’s fast-paced world as they juggle between several things, and they are the backbone of their family. Therefore, it is even more important that they pay attention towards their own health. Kidneys are important for maintaining overall health. I call upon every women to make a new beginning today. Let us all pledge together that we will make some time for exercise and eat healthy, nutritious and balanced meals. “
Speaking on the occasion, Ms. MC Mary Kom , Indian Olympic Boxer & World Boxing Champion said, “Iam extremely delighted to be associated for this noble cause with Manipal Hospitals. Woman have to balance between work and personal life and often tend to ignore their own health. I urge all women to pledge to fight against kidney ailments and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, that should be top priority. Please do not take your health and kidneys for granted. Eating right and daily exercise can cut the risk of kidney ailments substantially. “
Present at the event Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Veteran Nephrologist & Chairman, Manipal Hospitals said, “Kidney disease can be controlled and prevented if we understand the circumstances and risk factors which predispose to it. This goes a long way in preventing a patient ending up on dialysis or requiring a kidney transplant. Early kidney disease usually shows no signs and symptoms and the only way to know is blood and urine tests. It is only later in the stages of chronic kidney disease that one gets symptoms and signs like nausea, lack of appetite, swelling over body parts and altered behavior at times. The majority of chronic kidney failure patients are diagnosed in the last stage as 50% first see a nephrologist only in the last stage. It is seen that less than 5 to 10% suffering from end stage kidney disease get opportunity for either a dialysis or transplant. Despite the fact that prevalence of kidney disease is same among men and women, unfortunately very few women are treated.”

He further added, “ I sincerely urge women to take charge of their life and modify their lifestyle to include regular exercise, good food habits to keep kidney ailments at bay. Sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and smoking are also main culprits of kidney diseases”

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