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‘Trends’ from Reliance Retail launches Flormar in India

Flormar products to be exclusively available at ‘Trends’, India’s largest apparel destination ** Bollywood actress Vani Kapoor showcases the glamorous Flomar look at the launch
Gurgaon | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 08-03-2018 | Views: 493
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Reliance Retail, India’s largest retailer and Flormar, the global beauty cosmetic brand today announced an exclusive partnership to bring Flormar’s beauty and cosmetic products to India. Beginning today, the Flormar range will be exclusively available at ‘Trends’, India’s largest apparel destination.
Reliance Retail, through its specialty chains has emerged as a partner of choice for several consumer brands looking at reaching out to their consumers across the country. Trends and other specialty chains of Reliance Retail, with their deep understanding of the Indian marketplace and consumers leverage on Reliance Retail’s core strengths in areas such as technology, infrastructure, logistics and training, to help several brands deliver a delightful experience for Indian consumers.

Speaking about the association, Mr. Cem ?enbay, CEO Flormar said, “We are extremely happy and proud to share our excitement about the new partnership that we have forged with Reliance Retail. Flormar is a renowned global beauty and cosmetics brand with a presence in 104 countries and in India, we have found a great fit in Trends which is India’s largest apparel destination. Flormar is now available in India, exclusively at Trends stores. Flormar strives to be the most fashionable beauty brand, by adding more value to women’s everyday life and be a source of inspiration in the evolving world of beauty. In every step of the way, we have strived to open the doors to new worlds of creativity for women, with colors and textures that allow them the best possible way to express themselves and reflect their real beauty”.
“Since 1950 Flormar has continued to grow and expand its global footprint with striking strategically important partnerships with brands, like what it has done with Trends in India. With more than 800 Flormar stores across 104 countries, we touch the lives of all young women by adding to their daily beauty routines, through our vast product range from blush to foundation, eyeshadow to mascara, lipstick to nail polish, accessories to skin care products. Our journey in India has just begun with Trends. In line with our global philosophy, Flormar’s endeavor will be to add more color and beauty to the incredible women of India”, he added.
Mr. Akhilesh Prasad CEO Trends said, “Beauty and Fashion go hand in hand. As a Fashion destination, we at Trends are happy to be showcasing Flormar in the beauty space. As a result of this tie-up, Flormar products in India will be exclusively available at Trends in India. This is a strategic Win-Win partnership for both Flormar and Trends. While Flormar will leverage on the unparalleled reach to Fashion across the length and breadth of India, that only Trends - India’s largest apparel destination can offer to Flormar, with its presence across 220+ cities in over 434 stores; in turn Trends would have the opportunity to enhance its Beauty Quotient, through associating with a global beauty brand like Flormar. I see synergy between the values and brand ethos of Flormar and Trends. While Flormar is working continuously to add beauty and colour to women in the world through their range of beauty products, we at Trends are making Fashion that is globally on trend, accessible to millions across India along with offering an unbeatable value”.
“We are happy to start off launching Flormar in our store at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon and we shall continue to expand Flormar’s presence in the leading Metros of India, in the coming months. I wish Flormar the very best in their India venture and look forward to a mutually enriching association between Flormar and Trends’’, added Akhilesh Prasad.
Speaking on the occasion, leading Bollywood Celebrity Vani Kapoor said, “I am excited to be a part of the Flormar launch exclusively at Trends. Trends is India’s largest apparel destination with 434 stores across 220+ cities and is making fashion accessible and affordable to millions of Indians. By associating with Flormar, what I see is that India’s leading Fashion giant has partnered with a Global Beauty giant, to create more Faces of Joy. I look forward to the high octane fashion and beauty show this evening, with Vilas Naik all set to mesmerize us with his paintings.”

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