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AIPLABRO gears up to showcase itself at IndiaWood 2018

One of the world’s leading exhibitions for the furniture manufacturing and woodworking industry
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 08-03-2018 | Views: 452
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AIPL Marketing Pvt Limited - is a pioneer in manufacturing and marketing pan India with a network of sales & marketing spread globally. AIPL Abro with more than 30 years of vast experience in servicing automotive, hardware and construction industry showcase’s itself in IndiaWood 2018 at Bangalore international exhibition Centre held from 8 to 12 march 2018.

AIPL has chosen IndiaWood to launch its range of Abrasive Belts, adding range to its already widely accepted and been very well appreciated by products in Abrasives. AIPL Group recently installed its most modern unit to make all kinds of Abrasive belts in Sonipat Haryana. The unit is equipped to make Wide Width belts also which only a few companies make in India. 

AIPL Abro is participating along with other industry key players like ABM India, 3D Macinfotech Private Limited, ABM India, Airolam Limited, Amazon Wood Pvt Ltd, Hexa CNC Solutions, Hallmark Int'l Co., Ltd. The objective of this Event was to provide the latest trends and technology to our citizens to turn their dreams into reality.

Mr Ajit Gupta CEO of AIPL said they are very keen to be known as serious player in Abrasive industry and hence have been adding more and more products in their basket of Abrasives in India. Starting of the Abrasive belt is another feather in the crown of AIPL group’s Abrasive product range and more products to be added in near future.
AIPL’s ZORROBOND and ZORROFIT product range which was recently launched has been very well accepted all over India and company is adding some more quality and grades in their ZORROBOND adhesive products range also.
Mr Chanan Rohiwal COO of AIPL added that it is their endeavor to always provide best quality products at best suitable price so that their associate distributors and dealers can keep growing their business along with growth of AIPL. For this they have been continuously adding more and more products in their product category. Let’s grow together is the core vision of the company and AIPL & its associates have been growing at a rapid speed during the past and same is expected in future also.

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