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Zee Kannada commemorates the highfliers of Karnataka, at Hemmeya Kannadiga 2018

Tune-in to Hemmeya Kannadiga 2018 on 17th and 18th March, to watch an evening celebrating the Pride of Karnataka at 7.30 PM, only on Zee Kannada
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 07-03-2018 | Views: 1141
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Zee Kannada’s Hemmeya Kannadiga 2018 is all set to recognize outstanding individuals from all walks of life, who have done Karnataka proud by honouring them across 22 award categories. Bringing together some of the most noble and admirable individuals under one roof, Zee Kannada has curated this unique platform to celebrate the extraordinary achievers of 2017. The star-studded event was held on 3rd March, 2018, at Koramangala Indoor Stadium in Bangalore, and will be aired 17th and 18th March, at 7:30 PM, only on Zee Kannada.

Hemmeya Kannadiga 2018 is a one-of-a-kind award ceremony by Zee Kannada that salutes the greatest achievers of Karnataka who have contributed to the society, and to the entertainment industry. The enthralling ceremony brought together the most eminent individuals to the sensational ‘Pink Carpet’, where they paraded through traditional music and dance, with the feeling of pride. A platform was provided to the attendees, to welcome and celebrate other noteworthy achievers, including Vishweshwar Bhat, Dr. Hamsalekha, Vijay Prakash, Arjun Janya, Santosh Hegde and Sandalwood’s superstars Puneeth Rajkumar, Rocking Star Yash, Vijay Raghavendra, Jaggesh , Rashmika Mandanna, Juli Lakshmi, the esteemed judge from Drama Juniors - Rockline Venkatesh, Sriimurali, and Rakshit Shetty.
The exuberant Anushree and the ebullient Ramesh Aravind hosted the glorious evening that honored these individuals across 22 award categories namely – Proud Literary Figure, Proud Journalist, Proud Woman Achiever, Proud Sportsperson, Proud Icon, Proud Common Man, Proud Social Worker, Proud Theatre Activist, Proud Farmer, Proud Inspiration, Proud Lifetime Achiever, Proud Lyricist, Proud Voice, Proud Musician, Proud Supporting Role, Proud Director, Proud Cross Border Achiever, Proud Heroine, Proud Hero, Proud Honorary Award, Proud Film, Proud Young Talent. The night filled with glitz and glamour would remain to be an unforgettable one.
Commenting on the inception of Hemmeya Kannadiga 2018, Raghavendra Hunsur, Business Head – Zee Kannada said, “I assume I speak for everyone when I say that the year 2017 has been very special to the people of Karnataka. Zee Kannada is proud of belonging to the land of many remarkable achievers and at the same time, feel extremely honoured to be able to not just acknowledge, but reward their contribution in our everyday lives.”

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