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Mindler introduces International Certification for Career Counsellors in India

Collaboration with Career Development Alliance, USA to introduce International Certified Career Coach Program - ICCC, in India and then across the globe ** ICCC complements Indian government’s thrust on career guidance and counselling at school levels ** First of its kind 3-month certification program for Indian professionals to become an International Certi?ed Career Coach (ICCC) ** Mindler aims to train over 10000 career coaches/ counsellors over the next 5 years, which implies a team of professionals who can impact over 5 millions students
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 06-03-2018 | Views: 554
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Mindler, Ed-tech venture, is a technology enabled career guidance eco-system powered by machine learning algorithms to help students discover their unique potential. Mindler has launched the first ever 3-month international certification course for career counsellors.

The certification, which is in collaboration with Career Development Alliance(CDA), USA offers a three-month programme for professionals, aiming to learn international best practices in counselling and to further sharpen their counselling skills. ICCC is being launched first in India, and will then be introduced to other countries as well.

Career guidance and counselling has become increasingly relevant in a highly-competitive and rapidly-changing world. Increasing career options ranging from conventional choices like Medicine and Engineering to emerging &new-age career oneslike Ethical Hacking, You-Tubing and Social Media Management have created a global demand for expert counsellors who can provide the right advice.

As per estimates based on reports from MHRD, EY Report on K12 Education, and KPMG market report on K12 education, market size for career assessment and guidance is over INR 5000 crorein India alone andis continuously evolving. There is a growing demand for qualified career counsellors, the resources are seriously scarce. As per reports, currently over 90% of schools in India do not have provision for full-time counsellors.

The ICCC program was launched in the presence of global educational expert Dr. David Reile, Founder & Director, Career Development Alliance, USA (Past President, Career Development Council, USA). Speaking on the occasion, he said “This International Certified Career Coach(ICCC) program is aimed at helping professionals build a career in career counselling. There is a need for practical exposure in the counselling setup for professionals, and development of critical competencies. We believe that the ICCC will fill the gap in the Indian market and help shape up quality career counsellors for the future.”

Prateek Bhargava, CEO, Mindler added, “We are excited to introduce the International Career Coach Certification Program in collaboration with CDA. This robust programme imparts coaching and counselling skill to prospective career coaches and empower them with state of the art career guidance tools. Keeping mind the emerging career landscape leveraging technology to enhance a counsellor effectiveness is the key! This is the only way we can reach out to the millions of students who are in dire need to robust career guidance. The initiative is in sync with our plans to scale up the Mindler Platform which can be used by all of our trained career coaches across the globe”.
The ICCC program launched in New Delhi has aspirants from over 18 cities in India and even includes participant from overseas. The hallmark of the program is the pool of master trainers who are leading the program which includes Peter Reding (Co-Founder Coach for Life, who is a coach for world changing leaders and visionaries), Prof. Dr NK Chadha (Pioneer in the field of Psychometrics) and many other domain experts.

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