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Rado unveils its new festive collection at Kamal Watch Co., Vishakhapatnam

As part of the 3 city tour, Rado’s brand ambassador Lisa Ray launches the collection for the year under the DiaMaster, True and Coupole family
Vishakapatnam | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 14-09-2017 | Views: 74
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Rado, the pioneering Swiss watchmaker and part of the world’s largest watch conglomerate The Swatch Group, unveiled a special collection of festive watches for men and women today. This special collection of watches was launched by glamorous Rado brand ambassador Lisa Ray at the Rado space at Kamal Watch Co., CRM Central Mall, Vishakhapatnam.

Winning everyone’s heart, Lisa Ray is on a 3 city tour starting with Vishakhapatnam and followed by launches in Baroda and Kanpur.

On showcase were the mesmerising, enigmatic and glamorous timepieces for women; the newly introduced diamond timepieces under the DiaMaster, True and Coupole family that will make one feel exceptionally luxurious. The beauty of ceramic is enhanced when combined with these precious stones. Through the combination of lightweight, scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic ceramic with the latest technology and the most emotional of all the human senses, Rado yet again showcases its prowess in creating products of lasting beauty.

For the young and aspiring men, Rado launched the new sports collection including the tennis inspired Rado HyperChrome Automatic Match Point Limited Edition and the sporty Rado HyperChrome Chronograph Quartz collection which for the first time has been launched in varied colors including cool grey, British blue and racing green.

Speaking at the launch, Rado brand ambassador, Lisa Ray said, “I am thrilled to unveil these exquisite timepieces in Vishakhapatnam today. Diamonds naturally enhance the beauty of the wearer without overpowering it, making this new collection woman’s ideal accessory. Also with these tennis-inspired timepieces that we have launched today, Rado shows its ultimate dedication to sports and aims to reach out to the much younger and classier audience. I hope this collection wows the people of Vishakhapatnam and leave them only asking for more!”

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