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Radio City’s Indie Revolution Enthralls Bangalore with ‘Radio City Freedom Awards 5.0’

Gripping Performances by ‘Gowry Lekshmi‘and ‘Street Academics’ Set the Stage for a Power Packed Edition of ‘Radio City Freedom Awards 5.0’
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 23-02-2018 | Views: 571
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Radio City, India’s leading radio network has geared up to entertain music enthusiasts with the launch of the 5th edition of the country’s definitive independent music awards, ‘Jockey presents Radio City Freedom Awards 5.0 driven by Skoda’. As a part of this initiative, Radio City captivated indie music fans in Bangalore by hosting an enthralling gig featuring performances by ‘Gowry Lekshmi Live’ and ‘Street Academics’. 
Radio City Freedom Awards in its 5th edition has evolved to become a countrywide movement that promotes new sounds of the new generation with a perfect amalgamation of modern music with a traditional touch through their songs with the theme of ‘Sounds of the Soil’. Musicians and bands ranging across genres such as Hip-Hop, Folk Fusion, Pop, Rock, Metal and Electronica and winner from every category will be crowned the country’s top independent artist. RCFA 5.0 will constitute of a highly acclaimed jury including Luke Kenny, Ritnika Nayan, Vehrnon Ibrahim, Atul Churamani and Yotam Agam among others.
Radio City Freedom Awards this year is all set to take a tour across the country with 13 live gigs in 10 languages across 8 cities. The grand finale and gala award night is scheduled to be held in Mumbai in March. ‘Gowry Lekshmi Live’ and ‘Street Academics’ set the stage on fire and mesmerized Bengalureans.

‘Gowry Lekshmi’ is a singer, songwriter and a composer who has toured across the world while doling out successful hits for regional films. She enjoys a huge following among music connoisseurs in the South. Street Academics on the other hand, are a hip-hop collective from Kerala, who dabble their verses in Malayalam, English and Tamil covering contemporary and philosophical themes in their compositions.
Radio City Freedom Awards 5.0 will recognize musicians across categories including Best Hip Hop/ Rap Artist, Best Folk Fusion Artist, Best Pop Artist, Best Rock Artist, Best Metal Artist and Best Electronica Artist. Launched in 2013, Radio City Freedom Awards have provided a platform for the relatively lesser known Indie musicians to make a mark for themselves in the presence of revered names in the indie industry.

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