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iCubesWire appoints Sabareesh Moorthy as Head - RDX Sales & Trading Desk

Sabareesh will be responsible for heading the full agency account sales in Mumbai
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 13-09-2017 | Views: 117
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iCubesWire, a leading digital marketing solution and concept provider, today announced the appointment of Sabareesh Moorthy as the Head- RDX Sales & Trading Desk at their Mumbai office. He will head the agency account sales in the West region and set up a new initiative in the trading desk for programmatic advertising.
Sabareesh brings with him an industry experience of more than 12 years. Prior to joining iCubesWire, Sabareesh was associated with Publicis Media as Associate Director and Group Head of Advertising Operations, where he was accountable for programmatic technology, campaign management & optimization and advertising operations. He has also worked with as Assistant General Manager – Media Sales, Madhouse as Group Head – Operations, Automotive Exchange Private Limited as Ad Operations Manager and other organizations like Yahoo India, Tribal DDB India, Mindshare, etc. At iCubesWire, he will work towards expanding and strengthening the business while being closely associated with Sahil Chopra, CEO and Aditya Singh, COO.
Sahil Chopra, CEO & Founder, ICubesWire, says, “Sabareesh brings his vast experience in various facets of digital media like programmatic, client servicing, media strategy, account management, advertising operations & technology and business development. This is one of the many senior levels joining expected in the coming weeks. I am excited to on-board him to the journey of iCubesWire becoming India’s no. 1 Digital Solution Provider.”
Sabareesh Moorthy enthused, “I am delighted to take up this opportunity at iCubesWire, a well-known digital marketing solution provider in the market for the past 7 and half years. I look forward to being instrumental in the overall growth of the organization. After invariable excellence in the services vertical, iCubesWire is now entering the product arena. The future looks promising and my joining comes at the right juncture, wherein I can build strong relationships and contribute towards ICubesWire soaring greater heights.”

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