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India’s biggest conference on pharma & medical devices in Bengaluru on Feb 15

‘India Pharma & India Medical Device 2018’ is India’s largest annual gathering of the pharma industry and medical devices sector, organized by FICCI and Govt. of India ** The event will be held on February 15-17, 2018 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre ** Inauguration by Chemicals & Fertilizers Minister Mr. Ananth Kumar in the presence of Union Health Minister Mr. JP Nadda and Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 12-02-2018 | Views: 48
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The third international conference and exhibition on pharmaceuticals industry and medical devices, India Pharma & India Medical Device 2018, will be held at Bengaluru from February 15-17, 2018, by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in collaboration with the Dept. of Pharmaceuticals (DoP), Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Govt. of India. The chosen theme for this year is ‘Affordable, Quality Healthcare.’
Mr. Ananth Kumar, Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers, Govt. of India, will inaugurate the three-day mega-event and address the distinguished gathering in the presence of dignitaries such as Mr. JP Nadda, Union Health Minister; Mr. Siddaramaiah, Chief Minister, Karnataka; and Mr. Mansukh L Mandaviya, Minister of State for Chemicals & Fertilizers, Govt. of India.
India Pharma & India Medical Device 2018 will bring key stakeholders of the pharma and medical devices sectors under one roof, with hundreds of delegates and 50 Hosted Delegates from other nations attending the show. Over 300 companies and 50 startups will showcase their products at the grand exhibition. The event will also see more than 90 eminent industry leaders speak at various sessions lined over three days.

More than 20 international drug and device regulators will participate in a meet with Indian regulators. Ministerial delegations from CIS and BIMSTEC countries will also attend the event. A key highlight of India Pharma & India Medical Device 2018 is a workshop by World Health Organization on “Regulatory System Strengthening and Prequalification updated by WHO.” A conference will also be organized by NASSCOM on “Digital Transformation through Innovation in Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Healthcare Industries.” The event will see a roundtable of pharma and medical devices CEOs with the Union Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Mr. Ananth Kumar.

India Pharma & India Medical Device Awards will be announced to honor excellence and innovation in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

For three days, the event will host sessions build around themes like Discovering Innovative Medicines in India; Making India a Part of Global Supply Chain in Medical Devices; Opportunities, Challenges and Regulatory Requirements in the Development of Biologics; Opportunities & Challenges for Stem cells & Regenerative Medicine; Emerging Global Trends in Self Care and Relevance of OTC Regulatory Framework for Indian Public Healthcare System; a Sub-sectoral Approach to Make in India; and Moving towards API Self Sufficiency.

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