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Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts [TKAP] announces year 2018 organizational changes

Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts (TKAP) announced the restructured organizational changes at the board level, effective from 29th January 2018 with the nomination of Mr. K G Mohan Kumar as Managing Director, succeeding Mr. Toru Takeuchi. In line with the company’s visionary focus on growing beyond the captive unit boundaries, this is the first-time ever [across the Toyota Group Companies board in India] an Indian executive is being elevated to lead the local management as Managing Director. An industry veteran, Mr. Mohan has been with the Company right from inception since 1998 and was previously the Joint Managing Director
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 31-01-2018 | Views: 673
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Mr. Takeuchi, previously the Managing Director, is elevated as Senior Executive Advisor to the Board and Whole-time Director of Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts.

On further development, Mr. K N Prasad, Senior Vice President has been promoted to Senior Vice President and Whole-time Director for Production Engineering, Environment and Quality Control functions, being associated with the Company for more than 17 years now.

Commenting on the changes announced, Mr. Vikram S. Kirloskar, Vice Chairman of TKAP, said “This signifies an impetus to strengthen the senior leadership team to realize the company’s vision “WIN INDIA, WIN THE WORLD”. Towards this, the TEAM TKAP led by Mr. Mohan with his broader expertise on the local & global platforms, would enhance its core competencies to offer more comprehensive solutions that meet ever changing dynamics of the auto market. This also recognises the relentless efforts of this team on their long association with the company; their enthusiasm and commitment will further support to take this Company forward.”

Speaking on the new development, Mr. Toru Takeuchi, Senior Executive Advisor to the Board and Whole-time Director said, “In the light of TMC’s [Toyota Motor Corporation] strategic outlook to develop leadership team, this vital development in structural design testifies the empowerment to take the operational performance to newer heights. We are confident that Mr. Mohan will further spearhead to usher in multi-fold perspectives. Given the ‘Make in India’ push and the focus to develop India as a leading manufacturing hub, TKAP has a larger role to play on Toyota’s operational expansion in India with the redefined managerial synergy & dynamism.”

Sharing his views on his new elevation, Mr. K G Mohan Kumar, Managing Director of TKAP, said “I am privileged & humbled to be nominated as Managing Director. It is really inspiring to take up this new challenge to drive the team with the years of my learnings in Toyota, at this juncture of TKAP. For me, this is a new journey to further uplift the company’s business operations and live unto that level. I am confident that with the Team TKAP’s continued & unstinted support, as always, we shall further expand our customer base beyond Toyota, in synergy with our Partner, AISIN.”

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