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Max fashion presents 9 looks for 9 days - This Dussehra

The collection is about bringing back the rich grandeur of Indian tradition yet giving it a modern touch. Max through its ‘Tavisha’ range offers a variety of stylized garments comprising classic combinations of voluminous, vibrant and layered skirts with trendy cholis or crop tops which completes the grand look for the festive season.
Hyderabad | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 12-09-2017 | Views: 85
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Max Fashion celebrated the advent of Dussehra by launching their festive collection with Rashmi Gautam, popular Telugu actress and Celebrity Stylist Anahita at their Himayatnagar store today. Anahita curated and styled Max customers with nine looks for nine days of Dussehra from the festive collection. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vivek Sharma, AVP, Max Fashion, said, “this is the time when the entire family comes together and celebrates the enduring spirit of the festive season. Max understands the value of quality time with your family and friends during festive season. Therefore, we are proud to announce the exclusive festive collection across India. It is a fusion of tradition and latest trends on the block and you can buy it from your nearest Max stores.”

“Festive season is such an exciting time in India but it also gets busier at every front. With curated looks for this Dussehra, Max has enabled their customers to pick the look of their choice. Max shoppers can pick up the curated nine looks for all nine days of the festival, which I think is great”, commented Rashmi Gautam, popular Telugu film actress, who was looking fabulous in Max Festive collection. 

Anahita, who has styled the likes of Sania Mirza, Rana Duggubati, Harshvardhan Rane stated, “Festive season is a time when everyone likes to buy new clothes, dress up and stand out from the crowd. These looks curated out of Max’s festive collection will definitely give you a taste of elegance ahead of this festive season, while you enjoy shopping with your entire family”

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