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‘the good loom’ show by GoCoop

A trunk show by GoCoop at Taj Vivanta, MG Road, Bengaluru, on 5th & 6th January
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 01-01-2018 | Views: 615
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GoCoop, India's first online Global marketplace that enables Handloom Co-operatives and artisans will host ‘the good loom show’, a trunk show to showcase their brand new fashion label  ‘the good loom’ at Taj Vivanta, MG Road on 5th & 6th January from  10AM to 8PM

Celebrating the artistic richness of Indian weavers, ‘the good loom show’ by GoCoop will showcase the best weaves from India’s master weavers.  From the quintessential Banarasi sarees to the beautiful Chanderi silk, the trunk show will  have some of the most exquisite pieces from GoCoop’s brand new fashion label ‘the good loom’.  If you want to buy timeless masterpieces that are vivid and vibrant, choose from a wide range of southern weaves comprising chettinad, Kanchi cotton and Mangalgiri sarees.  The glorious designs and imaginative patterns of Ikat Patola silks is a sight to behold. Shop for rare weaves and offbeat prints from a wide collection of Ajrakh, Dhabu and Lambani sarees.  The intricate weaves and the crafty techniques gives a distinctive characteristic to every piece on display.

the good loom is for those who love the purity of natural fabrics, and the distinct weaves of India. It’s also for those who are conscious about the choices they make. Products by the good loom are meant to feel good on you, and make you feel good from within. ‘the good loom’ represents a thoughtful approach to fashion, the environment, and the arts and crafts of India.

the good loom isn’t just a label. It’s a movement that helps promote a socially conscious lifestyle. It’s caring towards the environment and the artisans who make the products. It’s a fashion brand with a focus on ethical sourcing of Indian handlooms that are curated to match the sensibilities of our time.

the good loom is conscientious; ensuring that every single soul that makes its products and delivers them is happy. Its aim is to always stay kind on the environment  and the artisan ecosystem as well.

For More Information Contact :

Ms Priyanka Pandey /  E-Mail :

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