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Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2017 arrives in Bengaluru

Exquisite collection and celebration of style by Abraham & Thakore and Gauri & Nainika ** Grain Ft Apeksha Dandekar, Soundarya & Komorebi collaborate for a thrilling fusion of sounds ** Sonakshi Sinha at her stylish best, charms the Silicon Valley of India
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 21-12-2017 | Views: 605
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Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, the most definitive expression of style and good taste, in its 13th edition, dazzled Bengaluru. The evening was a spectacular affair with glamorous and inventive designs showcased by ace designers Abraham & Thakore and Gauri & Nainika to the eclectic beats presented by Grain Ft. Apeksha Dandekar, Soundarya & Komorebi at The Leela Palace, Bengaluru. Sonakshi Sinha enthralled the audiences, looking stunning in a Gauri & Nainika design. 

The core theme of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2017 is ‘Style : More than you Think’ - a celebration of the authenticity and uniqueness of style, which is all about breaking stereotypes and defying conventions by showing to the world that there is more to one’ style which the world doesn’t know about. 

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Raja Banerji, Assistant Vice President, Pernod Ricard India, said, “For today’s consumer, having a unique style and expressing the same is non-negotiable. Style, hence is fundamentally democratic. It is every individual’s potential to create their unique identity and to strive for authenticity which breaks stereotypes. Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, 2017, the most definitive expression of style and good taste, brings alive this insight with an amalgamation of the biggest names in fashion, music and Bollywood. As always, the effort will be to provide a never seen before and exciting experience to the consumers.”

Ace designers Abraham & Thakore said, “With this new collection, we continue our engagement with handloom textiles. The color palette is a simple, yet strong graphic blend of black and white. The collection offers contemporary alternatives to the urban India, making it a perfect match for Blenders Pride Fashion Tour as it echoes style as ‘More Thank You think’.” 

Designer duo Gauri & Nainika said, “Our Collection for Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2017 is an amalgamation of romantic dresses and playful rompers with hints of embellishments. The styles are exceedingly suave and full of prints in ‘flowy-floaty’ silhouettes in the softest subtlest pastel shades with highlights in brighter tones. The collection is vibrant and completely resonates with the core theme of ‘Style: More Than You Think’.” 

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Mr Lakshman Babu / E-Mail :

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