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Zeven- India Football Tour 2017 kicks off in Bangalore

India’s football fever was taken up a few notches with the official kick-off of the Zeven-India Football Tour today * The India Football Tour is the official Indian qualifiers tournament for the F5WC world finals to be held in Shanghai,China
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 12-09-2017 | Views: 324
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The second edition of the India Football Tour organized by Addrush Sports, a sports management company specializing in events and technology and Zeven, a multi- dimensional sportswear brand, began with the unveiling of the official jersey, the match trophy, and moved on to a friendly football game between a team of sports journalists and the team of Humble Politician Nograj that will hit cinemas shortly. Danish Sait, Hemanth Rao, Pushkara, M  Karm Chawla and many other celebrities gave the exhibition match their all, making it hugely enjoyable for everyone present.

The Zeven-India Football Tour is an amateur 5-a-side football tournament that is played on a smaller field, with two or three differences from the regular game. There is no "No Offside" and "Kick Ins” are used instead of “Throw Ins". The India Football Tour will be conducted in 6 cities that include Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Kochi to select the best team that will represent India internationally. The winners of each city qualifiers will travel to Bengaluru to compete at the National Finals.

D Poojaa Kumar, Leader – Marketing at Zeven said, “Football is a sport that has started gaining tremendous popularity in India. Being true to our vision of encouraging more people to go out and play, we believe the India Football Tour is an excellent platform to help achieve this vision. Teams that participate and compete for the title are not bound by age or profession but by their passion for the game. There are a couple of professional leagues in India, but amateur ones of this scale are very rare. With that in mind, we are thrilled with this association. The Zeven- India Football Tour is like the World Cup for amateur footballers in the country and we look forward to associating with more events like this.” 

“India Football Tour is a tournament that provides a global stage to amateur players. Our vision is to encourage amateur footballers to come out and compete with India’s best. With India Football Tour being broadcasted live this year it will provide the same kind of spotlight that they have seen professional players get”; said Shree Harsha, Director of global alliance at Addrush.

“We travel across the country in order to find the best 5-a- side team that represents India against the world’s best. India Football Tour 2016 winners had the best performance by an Indian team in the history of F5WC world finals. With Zeven coming on board, the 2017 edition will reach out to a larger wider audience and help select the best Indian team for the finals and possibly get the cup home!” said Kush Bahuguna, Director Marketing at Addrush.

Teams from across India can visit to register their teams.

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