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Hi-Fashion & glamour rules the 4th edition of Fashionable One by 1 MG Lido

Fab India, Aldo, M&S, Global Desi and many more brands showcased the best styles of 2017 ** Kriti Kharbanda added an exceptional charm to the event as the showstopper
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 06-12-2017 | Views: 721
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The 4th edition of Fashionable One by 1 MG Lido wrapped up the season in style recently with a fashion presentation curated by Ramesh Dembla, Bengaluru’s well known celebrity designer. 

The event witnessed a mélange of 2017’s trending contemporary ensembles showcased by brands like M&S, Being Human, Fab India, Smoor, Aldo, Hidesign, Holi, Ayesha, AND, Global Desi, Da Milano, and FBB. 

The glitzy night hosted by 1 MG Lido proved to be an absolute fashion treat amidst the presence of Bengaluru’s well known faces. Leading models of the city Jackie Besterwitch, Priyanka Diwan, Ava Safai, Auchitya Thakur, Akash Singh Rajput, Madhu Mohan and many more were seen strutting the ramp with their oomph and style.

Kriti Kharbanda, Bengaluru’s star export to Bollywood amplified the glamour dose as she walked the ramp as the show stopper.

Commenting on the initiative, Suman Lehari, Chief Operating Officer, said “We are absolutely thrilled to see the turnout and success of the fourth edition of ‘Fashionable One’. Being the signature annual fashion property, Fashionable One intends to uphold the hi-fashion quotient and appeal to the fashion connoisseurs of the city. We hope to grow bigger and better with every edition”

Roby Verghese, Centre Manager, 1 MG Lido added, “The 4th edition of Fashionable One has truly proved to be a grand success and has grown multi folds from the 1st edition. We hope to take the property a notch higher with each passing year”.

Speaking on the occasion, Kriti Kharbanda, said “Home is where the heart is….no matter where I go, am always longing to come back to Bengaluru. And it is indeed a great pleasure to have walked the ramp for 1 MG Lido’s Fashionable One”

For more information contact: 

Ms Dhivija Shivram / E-Mail :

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