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Actress Taapsee Pannu launches Lifestyle latest store at Vega City, Bannerghatta Road

Lifestyle, India’s most preferred fashion destination has opened its latest store in Bangalore at Vega City, Bannerghatta Road. Renowned Actress and Model, Taapsee Pannu inaugurated the store along with Mr. Kabir Lumba, Managing Director - Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd. This is the 65th store of Lifestyle, and 35th store of Home Centre in India
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 24-11-2017 | Views: 574
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Lifestyle is renowned for offering customers the right blend of national and international brands in a lively and vibrant shopping environment at accessible prices. The spacious 65,000 square ft. store is spread across three floors, bringing under one roof – Apparel, Footwear & Bags, Children’s wear and Beauty & Accessories, and is an absolute one-stop fashion destination. Customers can choose from hundreds of leading national and international brands including Melange by Lifestyle, Ginger by Lifestyle, Vero Moda, Code by Lifestyle, Forca by Lifestyle, Louis Phillippe, Catwalk and many more.
Customer friendly layouts, chic and comfortable ambience and attractive window & merchandise display are highlights of the new store. Convenient signage and navigation, attractive colour schemes, flooring and fixtures distinct to each category escalate the convenience and ensure a delightful shopping experience.
The spacious state-of-the-art Home Centre is on the 2nd floor of the mall and is spread across 10,000 square ft featuring the latest in Household. Laid out in a customer friendly and aesthetically appealing manner, the new store is infused with a sense of warmth and comfort while creating merchandise zones which replicate the many facets of contemporary Indian home living.
Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Kabir Lumba, Managing Director, Lifestyle International (P) Ltd. said, “We are excited to launch the latest Lifestyle and Home Centre stores in Bangalore. Lifestyle offers exceptional on-trend fashion products combined with an international shopping experience. Home Centre brings the latest trends in home décor, furnishing and furniture for those looking to make their house, a home. With the opening of these new stores, we’ve given our customers in the Bannerghatta area the choice to shop their favourite brands right in their vicinity”

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