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Bonjour India Interschool French Festival by Bonjour India

An Indo – French Movement ** 17th – 25th November, 2017 in Bangalore and across India
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 19-11-2017 | Views: 607
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Following the launch of Bonjour India - incubating dreams, ideas and projects which aim to move the partnership between India and France into the future, 80 schools in India are participating in the Bonjour India Interschool French Festival spread across over 21 key cities. The Interschool festival gives Indian secondary and senior secondary institutions an opportunity to promote the Indo-French connection by establishing and reinforcing the networks of “School of excellence” for the teaching of French and increasing partnerships with schools in France. The theme of the festival is France in India and India in France, and that will be the focal point for various activities and events taking place for the students aged between 13-18 years. 

The Interschool French Festival will provide a platform for schools across the country to showcase links between France and India in heritage, innovation and sustainable development. Across India, between 17th to 25th November, partner schools in major cities have extended an invitation to neighboring schools to participate in this festival organized by them on their campus grounds. Based on the theme, students will research a topic that unites India and France under themes including Go Green, Medicine, Famous Personalities, Writing, Architecture, Heritage, Media, Music, Sports, Transport, Theatre, Engineering and Cuisines. Subsequently Indo-French ties will be showcased through slide presentations, videos, songs, plays, dances, and artistic work to a target audience consisting of administrative staff, teachers, students and parents. 

Dr Bertrand de Hartingh, General Curator of Bonjour India, Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs, spoke about the Interschool French Festival: "In any country, it's the students that shape the future, therefore it was important for the French Institute in India to create a platform within Bonjour India for the young and bright minds of the nation. French is already being taught as a third language in several schools across the nation, thus we have a strong foundation to base this festival on. This will facilitate a deeper insight into Indo-French relations among the students and create a path for exciting collaborations between schools in both our countries"

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