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Axis Bank Wins Dale Carnegie Global Leadership Award 2017

Dale Carnegie Training India awards Axis Bank with the prestigious Dale Carnegie Global Leadership Award 2017
Gurgaon | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 13-11-2017 | Views: 546
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Dale Carnegie Training India has announced Axis Bank as the winner of the prestigious Dale Carnegie Global Leadership Award 2017. The first runner-up award went to Capgemini, with IL&FS Financial Services bagging the second runner-up award. Axis Bank stood out as the frontrunner of this year’s Global Leadership Award for their advanced people development initiatives, which, backed by proven statistics, highlighted their cutting-edge efforts towards L&D with measurable business results. 

In 1985, Dale Carnegie & Associates conceptualized the idea for an award that celebrated organizations that were ahead of the pack when it came to human capital management. This year, Dale Carnegie India held the third edition of their Global Leadership Awards and received 34 outstanding applications from some of India’s most-esteemed companies. The event brought together HR professionals of India’s foremost organizations, honoring them for their significant achievements, and celebrating the success of their people development.  

The judging criteria for the Global Leadership Award involved a thorough assessment of which nominees were at the cutting-edge of investing in their organization’s human capital. The jury for the award included Jonathan Vehar, Global VP of Products, Dale Carnegie & Associates, Michelle Bonterre, Chief Brand Strategy Officer, Dale Carnegie & Associates, Mark Marone, Director of Research and Thought Leadership, Uwe Gothert, CEO Dale Carnegie Training Germany, Greg Story, President of Dale Carnegie Training Japan, Sanjay Jha, Executive Director and Pallavi Jha, Chairperson & Managing Director, both from Dale Carnegie India. The factors taken into consideration include key goals and initiatives under the three broad categories of Organizational Structure, Learning & Development and Employee Engagement. 

The event began with an introduction and welcome by Pallavi Jha, followed by a panel discussion on Experience Innovation: The Defining HR Trend of 2017. The panel was comprised of industry stalwarts like Ms. Suchitra Rajendra - VP Human Resources, India Region, PepsiCo; Dr. Aquil Busrai - CEO, Aquil Busrai Consulting; Mr. Jagjit Singh - Chief People Officer, PwC India; Mr. Jonathan Vehar, Vice President of Products, Dale Carnegie & Associates; Ms. Pallavi Jha - Chairperson & Managing Director, Dale Carnegie Training India.

Commenting on the awards, Pallavi Jha, Chairperson & Managing Director, Dale Carnegie Training India said, “Axis Bank, the winner of 2017 has set the bar high with their advanced people practices in the L&D space. The Global Leadership Award is a testament to each organization’s investment in their employees. I am glad to see how organizations today are prioritizing employee engagement, growth and satisfaction through innovations in learning & development.”

On receiving the award, Ms. Varsha Ramachandran, Manager HR, Talent Management & OD at Axis Bank said, “There’s been a change in how L&D has evolved over the past couple of years at Axis Bank, and winning this really means a lot to us. It is validation that we are on the right track, we have arrived. It feels great, it’s a huge boost and we hope to continue on this journey.”

In 2016, Mahindra & Mahindra snagged the award for their forward-thinking L&D strategy aimed at grooming future-ready leaders for larger leadership roles. The first runner up prize for 2016 was presented to Jindal Power, and Indus Towers won the second runner-up award.

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